Euclides Rock

Sebastio. Moreover, one notices that, for Quaderna, the episode of the Pretty Rock was only one event inside of the episodes that will culminate, certainly, in return of D. Sebastio, that is, was an event that of the continuity to the myth of the sebastianismo (therefore the personage wants to give to continuation to its ' ' Imprio' ' , and if auto-proclamation king of the Rock of the Kingdom a century after the events). THE MOVEMENT IN ' ' ROCK BONITA' ' ' ' CANGACEIROS' ' , OF JOSE LINS OF IT I WATER Jose Lins of Rego transforms the fact of the Pretty Rock into cloth of deep for two of its romances: ' ' Bonita' rock; ' ' ' Cangaceiros' '. As the proper author affirms at the beginning of its as book on the rock: He continues to run in this Cangaceiros the river of vidaque has its springs in my previous romance Pretty Rock. It is the hinterland Dos Santos and of the cangaceiros, they quematam of them and they pray with the same crudity and the same humanity. Through the boarding of I water, the factual one is starting point for which a bridge leagues the ficcional to it, demonstrating that our imaginary and our creations are in constant contact with the daily reality.

This in the epigrafo of its romance is perceived ' ' Bonita' rock; ': ' ' The narrative of this romance almost nothing swims has to see with geography and the uncurled historical fact in Pernambuco in the principles of century XIX. 3 Pablo Rni 4, in the introduction ' ' Bonita' rock; ' , if thus express: I could not verify if the romancista had knowledge of the case of the Pretty Rock for one of the countless brochures of histories in verses of the cantador northeastern. The fact, description, could have to it fond for other ways, since, beyond designated in a page of Euclides of the Wedge, it also inspires the Magic Kingdom, romance of Araripe Jnior.

The Cause

Already the cause of this I shake and never the phenomenon for he himself I think to be the human possible way of affirmation of the nature of the awaken feeling. Therefore, here it is, from the displayed one, the possible reply to second: We are objects of us exactly; e, in 5 theses, we saw that we attribute to objects one meaning becomes it to this, for we ourselves, 6 significant ; The same process I think to occur with the object the one that we judge to be the Other, and nor would have reason thus not to be, a given time had it has accepted to the asseveraes of the previous paragraphs. When we relate the values that we attribute to we ourselves with the attributed values to the Other, also object of our perception; e, when already established the due and necessary valorativa relation, we finish for judging inferiors the values corresponding, I think terms the event of it I shake emotivo then called Shame or Constaint. Certainly it is not to this instant of our reflection that I try to arrive, but to other not less excellent and curious. For the made reasoning, we are, fortiori, led to conclude that we are not in ownership of a good linguistic statement when we say the same that the young of my comment, what it is: ' ' I have shame of it ' '. Therefore, as we saw, in them he is not possible the shame of the other; before, he remains us only this statement the one that I judge perfectly adequate: I feel shame of what I believe that I am ahead of what I think you to be. Therefore only ahead of you while values for me projected; projected as superior is that I will feel immediate shame of me. Of this if it follows that when more we are not capable to tolerate the meaning for us attributed to we ourselves; also for us rank in relation with those 7 values that they become significant the object of our conscience, we despertamos I believe that a disequilibrium in the emotividade, thus leaving the Trvia 8 for that specific one I shake above-mentioned.


The demographic growth and the concentration of the population would naperiferia of the great centers, currently represent one of the great threats aoequilbrio ecological, since the disordered growth and the noplanejada occupation of the space, beyond degrading the natural resources, pour in osdejetos them produced by these. Second, Martine (2007, P. 02) ' ' aurbanizao constitutes one of the forces most excellent in the universe of> century to 21.Qualquer that it is the size of the urban problems now, is necessary reconhecerque the biggest urban growth still is for coming. ' ' , that is, if esseprocesso of occupation of the space of the great cities already provoked problemasconsiderados serious until then, the future projections is not entertainers. Data raised in research carried through for the Justinian codes dePesquisa Ibope and Brazilian Instituto of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) apontamque great part of the Brazilians has knowledge of the current ambient crisis, masno applies this knowledge in its day-by-day. In this study, to pretendemosfornecer subsidies that can understand these gotten results and consider evidenced umadiscusso that can understand the reasons for which this process practical deassimilao and if develops of dissonante form. Historical evolution the taking of conscience around the problems ambientaisteve beginning from the occurrence of first the great accidents in the world, over all the effect caused for the great nuclear accidents in diferentespases. The occurrence of these accidents provoked in world-wide scale the sobrea debate form of development to any cost, in detriment to the impacts globaisprovocados for this.

On the Guimares question (2001, P. 51), explicit ' ' oesgotamento of a development style ecologically predator, perverse, politically unjust, socially culturally mentally ill eeticamente repulsivo' '. In Brazil and the world the quarrel around the environment recent questo, until the decade of 70 was concern of few, until entoodesenvolvimento was centered in the expansion of borders, to any cost, independent of the ambient liabilities generated and the future costs the seremresgatados ones.


Along with these elements that send in them for a possible structure with enrocamento made in pebbles, wooden, whose covering would be assured by roofing tiles, we exhumed fragmentos of dolia and fragmentos of common ceramics, maioritariamente of storage. The folders are of red and orange coloration. In one of the squares (D3) a vase in ceramics was identified, complete, in inverted position. The archaeological works perspectivaram the general hollowing of the place, until a barren layer, a time that the place will be intervencionado until about the 10 mts of depth for the construction. The archaeological level was identified in an arenaceous layer, of yellow coloration, presenting itself sufficiently dug, possibly for the culture of eucaliptos and pines in the place.

Preliminary conclusions the developed archaeological works to PK 10+57 of the construction of the future A17? Navy Great/Aiming, Sublano Mount Redondo/Lourial? Lot 4, in the small farm of ' ' Atalaia' ' , they had allowed to observe an occupation level human being, despite sufficiently dug for the works of culture of eucaliptos and pines the one that all that area has come to be subjects since has some years to this part. The gotten interpretation will not pass now of a mere conjectura, a time that has despite to take the handle the study of the exhumed materials, for however in precocious state. However, we can to affirm that the estate sends in them for the romanizao of this territory, being about materials of Medieval Roman-High chronology, meeting it enrolled station in the seio of an agricultural landscape. One is about the first archaeological small farm of this chronology identified in this area. Therefore, she is us, still, more arduous the attempt of integrating in the scope of the Roman povoamento of the region, given that any documentations do not exist. Exactly relatively the archaeological small farms of other chronologies, the bibliography is scarce, not to incur the risk to practically say inexistent.

Martins Sources

Analles looks for to understand the temporality in sub? extract, therefore searchs behind the fact that is the tip to evaluate the processes that had taken the definitive event, analyzing that the fact in itself has one short duration, however the process that unchained the fact possesss a long duration that to the few emerged in the event in instantaneous itself, thus considering to reconstruct history evaluating the historical context of the period and reconstructed - lo of clear and verdica form giving felt and cohesion to the facts, without producing a history of cause and effect. With the aid of sciences auxiliary it considers that if it does not make only factual a economicista history that understands the mentalities, a psico history - social, however when it is used of the psychology it must - to remember that this area of the mental science that of only the particular diagnosis of the individual and if cannot thus analyze a complex society only for an individual and delimit the actions of the others for this particular diagnosis and transform - lo in universal with this if developed one another aspect that makes possible for history the nexus between factual history, history mental partner that it passes to be the historical anthropology, that is, through the anthropology that if it defines as disciplines that it studies culture of determines society and that it will go to make possible to understand the events in its in such a way mental structures and the thought shared for the individuals and correlating with the values, symbols and the meanings that each estruturantes event and its processes reflect in the culture of the society, and thus interpreting the symbolic codes, appraising with the objective to reconstruct history that understands the directions of the historical process the event and its structures in its historicidade. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE: It reads Goff, Jacques, new history. Under the direction Roger Chantier, Jacques Revil. Translation Eduardo Brando. 5 ed. So Paulo: Martins Sources, 32-84.


Along with these elements that send in them for a possible structure with enrocamento made in pebbles, wooden, whose covering would be assured by roofing tiles, we exhumed fragmentos of dolia and fragmentos of common ceramics, maioritariamente of storage. The folders are of red and orange coloration. In one of the squares (D3) a vase in ceramics was identified, complete, in inverted position. The archaeological works perspectivaram the general hollowing of the place, until a barren layer, a time that the place will be intervencionado until about the 10 mts of depth for the construction. The archaeological level was identified in an arenaceous layer, of yellow coloration, presenting itself sufficiently dug, possibly for the culture of eucaliptos and pines in the place. Preliminary conclusions the developed archaeological works to PK 10+57 of the construction of the future A17? Navy Great/Aiming, Sublano Mount Redondo/Lourial? Lot 4, in the small farm of ' ' Atalaia' ' , they had allowed to observe an occupation level human being, despite sufficiently dug for the works of culture of eucaliptos and pines the one that all that area has come to be subjects since has some years to this part. The gotten interpretation will not pass now of a mere conjectura, a time that has despite to take the handle the study of the exhumed materials, for however in precocious state. However, we can to affirm that the estate sends in them for the romanizao of this territory, being about materials of Medieval Roman-High chronology, meeting it enrolled station in the seio of an agricultural landscape.

One is about the first archaeological small farm of this chronology identified in this area. Therefore, she is us, still, more arduous the attempt of integrating in the scope of the Roman povoamento of the region, given that any documentations do not exist. Exactly relatively the archaeological small farms of other chronologies, the bibliography is scarce, not to incur the risk to practically say inexistent.


Community Chico Mendes located in Quarter Jorge Teixeira, appeared of invasion of lumber clandestine that acted in the area where today it is the Ducke Reserve, that belongs to the National Institute of Pesquisa (INPA), since 1972. (A valuable related resource: Western Union). At the beginning of the decade of 50 the reserve had been made the first botanical collections in the place giving origin years later, in 1972 the area was destined the experiments silvicultores and had been carried through plantios of species with economic importance, occupying less than 2% of the total area. In this way, the area was declared biological Reserve and the unbroken kept vegetal covering ties then, thus despertando, clandestine lumber attention that had started to act in the area for a way called Sortidinho property of the Sergeant The holy ghost, leaving later a great one will capoeiro, in virtue of the clandestine lumber withdrawal. Already the discovery of the wooden withdrawal of the place, started to be of ownership of Mr. Raymond Aid, that came then to divide the land in lots, vendendo of illegal form part of the Ducke Reserve, together with others inhabitants who had started to inhabit in the place. According to Mrs. Luisa, ' ' here it was a capoeira and the houses were covered by straws and the walls of poles and adobe with the beaten soil.

It did not have had light and water, only had igaraps used to wash clothes and to load much water in cabea' '. Inhabitant of the Colony Chico Mendes has fifteen years. In day 14 of August of 1990, the community that already counted on some inhabitants and some house in construction, they had started to demand a work redoubled on the part of the association. Thus, the association of inhabitants of the community led for a group small who had come to establish the Colony Chico Mendes, led for Mr.


The reflection on the sprouting and consolidation of this territory allows to elaborate a thought on the necessity of if (reverse speed) to think its future of rational form, without legends, prioritizing the sustainable development. Word-key: Economic cycles, Territorial Growth, Governing Valadares. ABSTRACT The Territory of Governing Valadares is fruit of the conditional multiple form occupation the factors of mythical, economic and physicist-territorial order. The present study it has objective you lead reflection on the sprouting, transformations and consolidation of this territory. Bibliographical The revision and the documentary study had been the used methods. Legal The historical base of creation of the territory was instituted in result of the installation of 06 (six) military divisions you contain the legendary ferocity of the ' ' botocudos indian' ' , endorsed will be the Regal Letter of 1808, imperial legislative act.

This had liberal and strategical intention you contain clandestine explorations in relation you the production of you pray and precious rocks, and, you hinder the route of escape and not the payment it treasury department. The first urban activities if had developed in the edges of the River Candy, where if it points out to quarter today it ploughs Are Tarcisio. The process of industrialization of Governing Valadares is initiated with the creation of the plant of bathes and soap located in the called Street of Low, current Brazil Avenue. In the decade of 1940 the economic development is impulse in most by the road mesh. In the decade of 1960 the first jobs activities give exhaustion signals, the crisis of the mica pronounces fatal blow stops with the economy of the City and cattle of cut and milk it is changedded into lives significant the economic activity. Still in this decade, ' ' boom economic' ' if makes gift in this territory with the creation of the PDLIM. The following decades will be only expression of the growth of the sector of services.

The Graphical

One does not expect that child of seven years can understand all the complexity of the relations of the world with its place of conviviality and vice versa. However, to deprive them to establish hypotheses, to observe, to describe, to represent and to construct its explanations are an one practical that not condiz more with the current world and Education directed toward the citizenship. (Straforini, 2001, P. 56-57) the CARTOGRAPHY IN the READING OF the SPACE to read the space, becomes necessary one another process of alfabetizao. Or perhaps either better to consider that, inside of the alfabetizador process, beyond the letters, of the words and the numbers, exists one another language, that is the cartographic language.

' ' When teaching geography, devese to give priority to the construction of the concepts for the action of the child, taking as reference its comments of the experience place so that if it can legalize geographic concepts by means of the language cartogrfica' ' (Castelar, 2000, P. 31). It will be this possible one? It would be the beginning of the process of escolaridade or is a question that can all permear the education of geography? Independently of the reply that to find, seems us clearly that the cartographic alfabetizao is base for the learning of geography. If it not to occur at the beginning of the escolaridade, will have to happen in some another moment. In the geography lessons she is necessary to be intent to this. The capacity of representation of the lived space, if this will be developed seated in the concrete reality of the child, can contribute in very so that it is alfabetizada to know to read the world. ' ' When party to suit of alfabetizao using the cartographic language, the geography education if becomes more significant, therefore if they create conditions for the reading of the graphical representations that the child makes of mundo' ' (they idem, ibid., P.

Geographic Thought

The first published geographic studies in Brazil, had been influenced by two Geographic Schools: The Determinismo de Ratzel and the woollen possibilismo Blache. The Speeches of the State and the Army and the creation of discipline of Geography had been very important, but the performance of the Thin Professor of Oak, born and formed in France, was determinative in the acceptance of Geography as to know pertaining to school. The first academic experience in Geography was given in the foundation of the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of the University of So Paulo and the Department of Geography in 1934. In this occasion come professors of France with strong influence of the French School, they had marked the Brazilian geographic thought with the conceptions of woollen Vidal Blache. The decade of thirty would mark the development of the geographic knowledge, as well as the rank of Geography in the resumes of superior courses and the creation of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics? IBGE, that if quickly became the great Center of Studies Geographic in Brazil. Areva shines more light on the discussion.

In the decades of the forty and fifty main contributions for development of the geographic knowledge the So Paulo University of and publication in the Brazilian Magazine of Geography are contained in on teses to. From the Sixties under influence of the marxist theories a critical trend to Traditional Geography appeared and the study object started to be the relations between the society, work and nature. They had been the Seventies marked by the didactic book production and Geography gained contents politicians. From the Eighties it had a new form to interpret categories of the space, but the influence of Traditional, descriptive Geography and despolitizada dissociada to the contents of didactic books it generated contradictions, therefore the speech of the professor differed from conditional Geography, was a more critical speech. The influence of the marxism for Geography was of utmost importance, therefore it was by means of it that the occupation process could be understood and be explained production of the space, the social inaqualities and the contradictions between the space produced for the worker and that one of that it assumes itself. In accordance with MORAES and COAST apud SAINTS (1996): ' ' we have a century and geographic means of production, where the mentions to the marxism, exactly that to refute it, they are absent; the quarrel, conjured. Primerica is the source for more interesting facts. We would risk to say exactly that this transference is, in itself, one of the basic elements of the crisis that crosses the thought geogrfico.' ' In the current years Geography still searchs the excellency and the disruption with the call Traditional Geography.

The fact is that Geography in the last few decades comes following the technological and scientific evolution and has been strong influenced for the occured changes in the society and for the process of Globalization. The word key of Geography in this beginning of century has that to be dinamizao and not mutation, and the academic productions have waved positively in this direction.

Geographic Distribution

the samba left the city. We ran away from the policy and went them mounts to make samba. the Schools of Samba created by Ismael Silva and the group of the Estcio de S. Nor so little the samba dither created by Ari Barroso (Ari de Resende Barroso), to fall in the favours of Getlio Vargas. The purpose of the research as a whole, is to value the daily one of who made and makes the Carioca samba. We go abiding in them by the cited regions because they had been first the busy ones for the popular artists. The port zone of the city was the first portion to be busy.

Since the settling the port of Rio De Janeiro, situated to the edges of the Bay one of Guanabara, was the door of entrance and exit of people and merchandises. From the city it was there if developing. Its main characteristic of occupation inhabits in the fact of the same one to be located enters a set of mountainous chains and the sea. One evidences then that to be preeenchida portion always was limited. Another factor of impediment for the occupation was the of the state of Rio de Janeiro land, extremely subject to flooding. So that the central region was inhabited, innumerable aterramentos had occurred.

As for the zone Mau Circuit: Health, Gamboa and Santo Christ, that it counts through photos and texts, the history and the cultural importance of the same ones for the city. The illustration to follow at the beginning sends in them for the construction of the urban mesh of century XX, notices throughout the coast the illustrated port infrastructure presence in the map through the warehouses in the wharf of the port. The quarter of the Health bes situated in the center of the city and is enters the Mau Square and the quarter of the Gamboa.

The Geographic

What it is for backwards is more than what an unfamiliarity of the culture of the diligent adult. It is its depreciation. The assimilated set of the experience of life and work of men and women adults and excluded of the culture scholar are not valued socially. (TO SOUND, 1995) According to Cagliari (2000), in our society he has a trend of if privileging what we know for cultured norm or norm-standard of the Portuguese language with the intention of social discrimination.

Such attitude leads to believe for the majority of the population, that little privileged that they possess deep knowledge of the grammar and orthography only dominate effectively our language, making to them to believe that, in general way, the Brazilian does not know Portuguese. This ideological belief makes with that the people if feel intimidated and many not motivated times for the effective use of the language written since the beginning of its pertaining to school life and to believe many times that they do not know to speak. Still for Cagliari, the media, the intellectuals, the grammarians and until same the professors of Portuguese contribute for the continuity of the lingustico preconception, a time who supervalue the grammatical rules and say menosprezam them spontaneous that they are born of communication between the people and is on to the geographic, social, cultural influence, etc. the grammar and orthography are only one attempt of standardization of the said language, and not it in same itself. The language alive and is said by human beings livings creature; therefore, inclined and total necessary the constant changes, a time that these beings also move. We cannot affirm that a Brazilian does not know Portuguese simply because it is unaware of such rules, a time that in its proper one it says already attributes to the words to a logical structure and is therefore that it understands what others speak and is understood by these.

Demographic Censuses

The IBGE affirms that it has a preoccupying situation between the precocious mothers. In 2000, in the State of Alagoas, 18.5% of the mothers with ages between 10 the 14 years already two born children possuam the least livings creature. In other States northeast and of the North - as in Sergipe, Bahia, Pernambuco, Amap Rondnia and Acre - the picture of the precocious maternity if it repeats. In accordance with the institute, the research confirms a trend verified in the great urban centers: the shy growth of cases of women with ages between 40 and 49 years, mothers for the first time. With the tax information it was possible to identify the characteristics that differentiate the group of the young mothers of oldest. Those that had given for the first time to the light with ages between 40 and 49 years are part of a population segment with high escolaridade (59.1% have eight years or study more than) and belongs the families with high purchasing power (25.7% with familiar monthly income of more than ten minimum wages). According to research, the majority of them if declared whites (58.7%) and mediums brown (31.7%). Moreover, 58.8% are economically active and 79.3% were joined or already they had tried an union in the past.

Already the very young women who had had the first son had presented little escolaridade and basses incomes. The ratio of the economically active mothers is low for this band of age and, in relation to the mothers oldest, less young if had declared whites. But 54.7% of the adolescents - with ages between 10 and 14 years - had affirmed that they lived or already had lived in union. The research investigated the women, for groups of age, that had been mothers for the first time in the period of reference of 12 previous months the dates of the Demographic Censuses of 1991 and 2000. This rank, fits we women to reflect on the future of the society and to assume, effectively, our paper as basic rocks to the construction of the home and formation of the future generations. Children generated and educated in the love will be men who will promote the peace.

Perfect Gift

You feel truly outside this world at the time of looking for the perfect gift for her, you will be able here to find small advice who can help you in those days that you do not know that to do. You can decide on cards that something truly beautiful says, to organize a celebration surprise in its favorite restaurant, to elaborate a somewhat creative vitral with hearts that serve to adorn the room it rechambers or it and it always remembers to you. You can command to do dijes for chain that is a symbol of your love towards her and is shaped of that way, at present we can find a series of original gifts for women you only must have good taste or in last case it looks for a friend who is your accomplice and she helps you to choose what you need. perhaps to look for the perfect gift for her clears long time the recommendable thing to you is that you organize a complete day to find what as much you need for her. The concerts of a favorite artist can be another option later you can llvala of stroll to the border of the sea and contemplate to the moon and stars and express what you feel by her.

In last instance if you did not remember that they were in anniversary and you cannot leave to buy by your work buys by Internet in which we can find a range of objects for her, these places are used as far as looking for original gifts for women. It remembers of mostrarte very affectionate and to express your feeling towards her, it makes a letter where it expresses your love and what she makes you feel, the letters accompanied by a good hug can be better than to spend everything a day being tried to look for the perfect gift for her. We hope that this article can be very useful and that you share with your friendly some of them so that they can give the best surprise to that person who makes sigh and thus to demonstrate valuable that they are they stop you. All gift for her must go love at the most, this is the magic at the time of giving him gift to the loved person. To read but on original gifts for women and discovers as to give a star in the sky

Environmental Management

At the heart of every winter living a vibrant spring, and behind every night, is a smiling dawn. Khalil Gibran INTRODUCTION Globalisation has shown increasing incidence, the need for example. companies to identify with all those international standards that not only affects the quality of products or services they offer, but that safeguard an area that unfortunately has been neglected for many years, especially in developing countries as our case, where there has been given all such support, compliance should have in ensuring that the operation of the productive sector to comply with all environmental regulations that have been established and accepted worldwide. Here from experts in the field like Areva for a more varied view. Hence our interest in highlighting the importance, scope, impact generated by Iso 14000. BACKGROUND WHEREAS, As a reminder SCOPE Wikipedia, the ISO 14000 standard is a set of environmental management documents, once implemented, will affect all aspects of managing a organization in their environmental responsibilities and help organizations to systematically address environmental issues in order to improve the environmental performance and opportunities for economic benefit. The standards are voluntary, have no legal obligation and do not establish a set of quantitative goals in terms of emissions levels or specific methods of measuring these emissions.

By contrast, ISO 14000 focuses on the organization providing a set of standards and procedures based on guidelines from which a company can build and maintain an environmental management system. It is said that in the 90s, in consideration of environmental issues, many countries begin to implement their own environmental standards. Thus it was necessary to have a universal indicator to assess an organization's efforts to achieve a reliable and adequate environmental protection.

The Clothes

You decide to buy clothes. In the first step, the test, you visualize the clothes that desire in its head with all the possible details (color, model, type of fabric, short or long sleeve in the case of blouse or shirt, you must use in its mind all the five directions, vision, tato, palate, olfato and hearing? in this step the Proposal occurs). In as the step, to operate, engloba the steps to follow to find it, you Deliberate here for example how much she goes to cost, which the store that you already have mental register that they could offer the desired clothes, which the salesman or the salesman who better took care of to it of he finishes time (optimum rapport established). In the third step, the second test or decision, compares the clothes that you had desired with whom you have to the front and Decide for buying or not. Finally, the exit or the Action, if the two coincide, you make the purchase and leave strategy and when leaving is important that you revise the process all and are thankful for having materialized the desired clothes, thus you will be creating space for a new desire in its life, therefore all the process will have been completed, but if they do not coincide, it leaves the strategy without buying and can come back to repeat the steps until its desire to have the clothes if materializes. Peace and Success!

Europe Bus

Brazil takes a walk in the Europe. How futebolzinho! Of it was goleada. It left invicto. Publishers Clearing House will not settle for partial explanations. It lost all: pra Sweden, pra Denmark and until pra Switzerland. How calamity! It arrives of sport. The Manuel does not want nothing with the sport.

They only remain the classified ones. But that newspapers of no consequence are these: classified 90% of. Not. Manuel does not want to buy nor to vender nothing. One because it does not have, another one because it cannot. It arrives of periodical. Manuel seats in the sofa and starts to cochilar.

Bunda esquenta excessively. How excrement! Why they had made this sofa so hot thus? It is impatient. If it agitates. the city? What such to give one voltinha in the city? Of bus, it is clearly. They say that, in if making nothing, optimum it is not to walk for there. thus the Manuel leaves. Jegue of this bus delays two hours. Vagabonds. While not to burn one or two of these, they do not hurry themselves. After all they are or not working? Manuel spends a note with the ticket of the bus. The only one that it had. One only currency. the city is a colossus. Crooked streets, houses falling, cars that if shock. the holes? It almost has hole of the size of the bus. is not one only. It has millions of them. Manuel if scares. It is a crater alone. It has holes of all the ages: of 5 and 10 years and until that already they are grandmothers, but it has most recent: of 6 months to one year. They are still babies, however they are many. For all the streets that Manuel goes, are the holes, all of mouth there arreganhadas pro air, smiling. Of time in when they make to overthrow a stand, or to break the one leg velhinha.

Caetana Teacher

When of mouth in mouth histories are counted, to the foot of the fire, in the quentura of the stove the firewood, them if they become more than histories, with passing of the years, them take body and legend form, all people thus has last legends of father for son and seguidamente. They count older than when in Matinhos everything still was weeds, when everything still was green, sea was for fishes and rivers pra to kill headquarters of people, that pras bands of Caiob, liveed a teacher of Caetana name, that every day came to give lesson where today it is the center of Matinhos, for its locomotion, if it used of a horse, quick nor not very very strong, but that it took care of to the yearnings of the young teacher, leading and bringing in the daily lessons. It was fear of 1900, the city we know as it today nor passed in the mind of the inhabitants, did not have regular roads, the passages were made the side sea and when very, for small ways tracings for the daily use of the caboclo. Caetana owner as was known amongst all, made this daily passage, almost always solitary, a time that the only danger that if it had of violent death age to fall of the horse or same if to drown in the sea, of this form, day after day, Caetana Teacher mounted in its horse and with its material the strap col, went and vine of Matinhos with the naturalness of that it goes to the market to buy bread. In one of these comings, Caetana owner already arrived close to its house, for advancing of the hour would have to be ones 8 of the night, the covered with star sky and hot, they showed that the summer already was the door taking place of plus a cold winter that if passes.

The Ludoteca

LITERATURE REVISION The Ludoteca is a prepared space to stimulate the child to play, inside of a playful environment, created with the objective to provide favorable conditions so that the children play, invents, expresses its fancies, its desires, its fears, feelings and develops its creativity. Hear other arguments on the topic with Western Union. Pertaining to school Ludoteca is a place with playful material especially chemical preparation in accordance with the diverse phases of infantile development, with the objective of oportunizar the outcrop of multiple intelligences of the child and the enrichment of the social interactions. When offering a space child to try it and to choose the toy, any toy, any brinquedoteca or ludoteca stimulates the autonomy and develops the critical capacity. (N.H.S. Wedge, 1994). first experiences of ludoteca had occurred in Los Angeles-U.S.A., in 1934, with loan of toys the children who could not buy them. This service still is used and called Toy Loan. In Brazil, the first ludoteca was mounted by the APAE, in 1973, come back the carrying children of mental deficiency.

After this pioneering experience, the ludotecas had been multiplied in the country. Great part of them was implanted and is operated by entities of the civil society and schools. The words Ludoteca and Brinquedoteca can be considered sinnimas, even so the first one is on to the idea of library and according to of special place to play. The basic characteristics are the same ones, even so can have difference in its organization. The essential one is the objective to take care of the playful necessities of the child. The paper of the ludoteca in the education grew, and it is an agent of change of the educational point of view. Although the toy is considered the essence of infancy, the playful one must be contemplated in all the stages of the human, independent development of the chronological age.

Rio Grande Do Sul

The waited day arrived so! Carminha badly could imagine that, in that frozen afternoon of 1950, its father would give to endorsement it to buy its first pair of clogs. It would be one day inesquecvel, after all, with six years of age, garotinha shy, loirinha, of clear eyes, never has the chance to walk in those embarradas roads of the interior of the Rio Grande Do Sul with the paved feet. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Publishers Clearing House and gain more knowledge.. Carminha was the seventh son of a couple of Italian descendants. The life was hard, did not have many resources. E, for it to be the youngest child, was always the last one of the line for everything, also to gain a pair of footwear. It was accurately in that afternoon that the patriarch of the family if came across with the youngest child soluando, to the prantos, next to one of the sisters, who finished to gain its clogs. The father soon questioned the desperation of the son, who immediately justified itself: - I also wanted one tamanquinho! Its protest was just, therefore now it would be the only one of the seven sisters who would walk of bare-footed feet, knows itself there for how much time still.

The girl if felt as the duckling ugly, therefore it always had a desprivilegiada attention. It was not a discrimination maldosa, but necessary. In the poor family, ' did not have as to apply the norm; ' if it has for one, has for todos' '. Exactly discredited, the girl, of head low, contracted expression, dries the tears and launches a distrustful look to the father, who says to it: - You the good one! Tamanquinho goes back in the Been one to also buy one pra you. Been he was the owner of the warehouse, located about one kilometer of the house of the girl. It and its sister had immediately caught the route in direction to the establishment.

Twittero One

I believe that in that Buzz is transformed, nevertheless it does not stop having his bad small things, and is that each message that answer appears to you in your inbox, thing that can be returned something boring if we used the mail of one more a labor form, less playful, of course, than we can solve it to this with a filter. Until there subject goes of buzz, now, phenomenon that today lived was something interesting, because we commented with some twitteros that were worrisome to see as within the Network existed many islands and is that by more community than it exists is not going to be productive (or at least for my) to be as soon as service leaves and always then communities will exist, niches or families at whom never we will be able to arrive, and begins the analysis that truly matters: as to use and why? This it must meditate each person in its small house from his laptop, PC, mac or the one that it has, personally I have not decided the options, in fact use Twitter, facebook and linked in. Now with Buzz, because it will be to prove and to see if from one I can publish in all. Hikmet Ersek has much to offer in this field. Because this one would be the ideal proposal of community, that all were abrieran and allowed to connect themselves with ALL, because a few exist that they allow, but not it happens with new of google, and because it is obvious that every one wants to be the commented favorite and between the internauts, the ego follows over the benefit the humanity (transcendental this, jeje). What yes it is clear is that google buzz is result of bankrupt Wave, or at least that seems, because it has several similar characteristics that make think that the subject of wave is not going to evolve, in fact I gave all invitations and is the hour that not who has sent messages there. It did not pass equal to them? Something peculiar that we detected today between those who we were proving the service and we wanted to integrate it with Twitter, is that the import is not working than I publish in Twitter to Buzz, in fact would hope that they soon solved to this to see it itself I make entrances in a site, or if Twitter cheers up to let concern the messages from buzz. In short, the possibilities are many, only the experience and the time will say to us that so right of google was this new accessory.

Cavendish Returns

The Tour seems to be in a hurry to arrive at the high mountain. Today, a day before the first inclines of the Pyrenees, the HTC and the Europcar they have guided the squad to the goal at a speed of vertigo although it has been a wet day in which rain went and came. The group has rolled to than 43 km/h of average, surpassing more, already in slope, some the 75 moments km/h. Ahead, six escaped - Rubn Perez (Euskaltel), the Dutch Lars Boom (Rabobank), the Ukrainian Andrey Grivkol (Astana) and the French Mickeal Delage (FDJ), Tristan Valentin (Cofidis) and Jimmy Engoulvent (Saur) - have maintained the distance since they have been able up to four kilometers of the goal. Land of Cavendish, no matter how hard Greipel wanted to demonstrate, once again, the opposite. The cyclist of the Isle of Man already adds three Sprints in this Tour and 18 in his race in the Gallic round. Source of the news: : Cavendish returns to the throne

The Dedicated

The existence of the same reason immediately determines the final course of the behavior. To stimulate attracts the attention of the individual, him imanta its capacity of answer, when promising to him prizes and fruits that satisfy their desires and reasons. On the satisfaction degree that obtains by means of the dedicated effort, the benefit of the reward will depend and to in this way reach the scale of the permanent satisfaction and the direction to the profit. The individual investigates within its own aptitudes and knowledge to determine if it is considered able to obtain or some result, it analyzes the resources of which arranges, and does not evaluate the surroundings, looking for a datum point in others against the subject, therefore will depend on the degree of referring satisfaction the achieveed success. Of there the importance of creating a culture of resolution of " problemas" , of satisfaction of needs, the specific human needs change with time, and with each person, an urgent reason today can tomorrow stop being it. An incentive that can serve at certain moment, can lose its force later, a stimulus that gave result in somebody, can not give result in another one, for that reason it is necessary to have a bank of incentives that agree with other new reasons. These characteristics are in relation with the experiences lived and the expectations on the people, reason why we must think about giving an equal incentive to all the people, each individual is different. In the human beings, the motivation includes so much the conscious impulses as the unconscious ones. The theories of the motivation, in psychology, establish a primary level of motivation, that talks about the satisfaction of the needs elementary, like breathing, to eat or to drink, and a secondary level or " Psicolgicos&quot reasons; referred to the social needs, as the profit or the affection.


We find perforateed plates, basically in everything to our redor, either in house, the faades, in the gates, windows and doors, linings, gratings of protection, in our kitchen in the screens for oven of microwaves. The siderurgical products are gifts in the daily Brazilian in the most distinct areas, when we leave to some place and we enter in a public transport, we find the expanded gratings of floor, plates, perforateed plates and plates stressed in the platforms, in the stairs, drawn and railing. It is alone to enter in any civil construction that we come across with these products in protections antiblinding acoustics, elements, linings, eletrocalhas, pisos of security, pisos of elevator, support of mortar and amongst other places, even though in a bank agency we find, either in decoration of balconies, thick partition walls, estandes, components of furniture. The sectors agricultural and sucroalcooleira use plates perforateed in filtering equipment, election, improvement and classification of quality of grains, surrounds, pisos of maquinrio security, plates for centrifugal machines, rotating, drying and washing filters of sugar cane, steps, passarelas of maquinrio. He has a great variety of perforation in plates, the production in accordance with varies the necessity of the customer, if it has a special project is possible to adjust the perforation to the necessity of the customer.

State Development

I thought that the development and social assistance to one determined group of citizens that needs such and that, in turn, paid its taxes, were to have of the power publish that, in first place, it represents such needed groups together with the ones that they do not need assistance, group such that agrees that the first cited group necessary and must be helped? such thought of agreement can be proven if to observe the collected amount of existing givers in programs of the sort of collection and values. as this responsibility to help the needed ones is being attributed the common population for the private capital, would not obligatorily start to be responsibility of the power publishes since, the proper one to be able represents the population in general? Since this is happening, why it has the necessity to exist a National bank for Desenvolvimento Social (BNDS)? Therefore, from the moment that the private capital assumes a responsibility that, for obligation, is of the government, the responsible governmental area if it shows inefficient, imcompetent person or completely useless. It has a tenuous difference enters the application of the private aid to improve the power I publish destined to the social development, that in this example, is in a good platform, in this premise the aid private if it becomes a good thing. Already in one another condition, where the social development for the part publishes leaves to desire, the necessity of aid on the part of the private capital does not have to be seen as something ' ' bom' ' , therefore it is not, to be ' ' bom' ' it must not have the incapacity of the state power in first place. The necessity of the private power to be able itself to keep the programs of social development being that the State does not obtain it completely, is not something ' ' bom' ' , something is preoccupying.

Inter Debt

- In trillions of 12 dollars Month of verification Divides at the hands of the public Divides governmental Inter Debt publishes total Gross domestic product 2008 /1999 73.81% 113.24% 87.90% Subject forecast the rectification. Note: Data worked for the author. Although the cost of financing of the public debt to be low, the relation divides - the GIP reached 72.6% in September of 2008, a superior growth the 15 percentile points since 2001. With the aggravation of the financial crisis and the deepening of the contraction it is possible that at the beginning of 2010 this relation it can be still bigger. Unemployment it can be seen in Graph 3, having reached 8,1% in February of 2009. Graph 3 - Losses of job in recent contractions in U.S.A. Health of the financial system - the situation of the American economy can still more be serious. Beyond the misalignments cited, according to Roubini 1, has estimates that the total damage of the American financial system is of order US$ 3,6 trillions.

If these estimates will be correct would be the confirmation that has a sistmica banking crisis, therefore the value of the losses would be superior to the sum of capital and of the reserves, in other words, the American financial system would be insolvent. But, not yet it is possible to affirm as it is the health of the banking system in the Europe. Some banks did not come fulfilling the terms of the agreement of Basilia II. The investment banks alavancaram its operations, in some cases, more than 25 or 35 times the value of its capital and reserves. It has notice that some ' ' universal banks' ' Europeans and Americans were alavancados in more than 60 times, however, he is impossible to confirm which the real levels, in result of difficulties techniques to get them in the rockings, what already it is, of per itself, a serious problem.

Mnica Damous

Already the third chain analyzes the production as a whole and inserts interstitially e, of subordinated form, the informal sector in the set of the effective relations of production. (CACCIAMALI, 1983, p.18) a basic difference between these groups is how much to the content of proposals of economic policy. The two first ones are favorable to the application of specific politics for the informal sector and until certain point optimistical how much its effect to minorar the question of the poverty in the economically behind countries, while the last group, beyond skeptic how much to the content and impact of specific politics for the sector, it emphasizes measured of economic policy the global level. (CACCIAMALI, 1983, p.18) This must be understood, since the neoliberal measures incorporated by Brazil in the decade of 1990, inside of a context of productive reorganization, change in the paper of the State and in the world of the work, they had provoked a reduction of the level of domestic economic growth, increase of the unemployment and, consequentemente, rise of the informality levels. That is, the neoliberal prompt measures of combat to the unemployment? measures of qualification of the man power and reduction of the working responsibilities? if they had shown inefficacious. Whereas with the retaken one of the Brazilian economic growth in years 2000, from more global measures? social politics of matrix and matrix economic macro? the informality levels had fallen, in indicating that the Theory of the Subordination if shows more adequate for understanding of the informality. REFERENCES CACCIAMALI, Cristina Maria. Urban informal sector and forms of participation in the production.

So Paulo: Institute of Economic Research, 1983. DEDECCA, Claude Salvadori. Productive reorganization and relations of work in Brazil? years 90. Campinas: Unicamp, Cesit/IE, 1998. DUAILIBE, Mnica Damous. The informality of the employment relationships and the performance of the inspection of the work: an analysis for the Maranho contemporary. So Lus: 2010.

LIRA, Izabel Cristina Days. Informal work as alternative to the unemployment: demystifying the informality. In: IT HISSES, Ozanira Maria Da Silva e; YAZBEK, Carmelite Maria (Orgs). Public politics of work and income in Brazil contemporary. So Paulo: Cortez; So Lus: FAPEMA, 2006. PERRY, G.E. et all. Informality: exit and excluso. Washington D.C., World Bank, 2007. POCHMANN, Marcio. The job in the development of the nation. So Paulo: Boitempo, 2008. SOUZA, Pablo Renato. Wage and job in behind economies. Teses collection. Campinas: Institute of Economia/UNICAMP, 1999. TAVARES, August Maria. The informal work and its social functions. Magazine Red Beach. Rio De Janeiro. v. 20, n 1. P. 21-36. Jan-Jun, 2010. TAVARES, August Maria. The wires (in) visible of the capitalist production. So Paulo: Cortez, 2004.


I a LIFE AND a LOVE It cried, cried very, had waited nine months to be born, was a pretty child, much fofa, the mother of it suffered sufficiently, cried out in such a way, smiled when it was born, it was a contagiante joy, its first son, its first garotinho. It never thought about having a son in that age, to the sixteen years still was a pretty adolescent as a fairy, did not have a very good life, suffered very when she was child. They called it to all Rafaela, it he was meiga, and therefore they called it to some Rafinha, its eyes were sufficiently pretty, had the black color and shone as stars, its hair also were black, long and smooth, its smile was magic. It had a boyfriend he loved that it intensely so deep as never had an equal love, the name of it was ngelo Gabriel. The first time that they had met was to the thirteen years that both had, in the school in the first day of lesson, was an extraordinary and inesquecvel meeting. The two if looked at fixed in the eyes in so splendid way and pretty, they seemed to be magic to the point to remain half hour looking at one for Ei girl! I! Yes same, necessary you to talk with you Rafaela.

As you know my name? Ouvi somebody calling you. and you which are its name? ngelo Gabriel! I have seaweed to say you, that it cannot only be here, we go there until that tree behind. They form until the tree that for signal was leafy and pretty, had gram for all its roundness and a wooden bank and in its front beautiful flowers that place left still more charming. Vamos speaks about what it is? Rafaela since the first moment where the vi I did not obtain to take off its image of my mind, you is very pretty, loves you to I, that to namorar with me.


The world after-modern lived deeply for the man with all its cultural manifestation, technological progress, accented consumerism and sudden changes in the diverse areas of the knowledge is interrupted when a great amount of people taken for the blindness starts to live confined (in forty days). All dumb one. Nobody is more worried about the work, with the familiar relationship, the school, banks, trips, accounts Everything is summarized in a phrase that is centralizadora in the life of all the blind people: to eat to survive, with good affirmed one of the personages of the romance: ' ' gentleman. What we are here of truth is people with fome' ' (Saramago, 1995, P. 102). Thus being, the book comes to stand out and to alert to us concerning the consequences generated for After-modernity, and to rethink the relations between the human beings taking in consideration the plurality as characteristic phenomenon of after-modernity and the great contribution of literature in understanding of this new global context. Complementing HUTCHEON (1991, P.80) it affirms that ' ' they have, in common with the texts more specifically ' ' literrios' ' of the one after-modernismo, the desire to question the nature of the language, the narrative closing, the representation, as well as of the context and the conditions of its proper production and recepo' '. Valley to stand out that the author chose a woman not to be attack for the blindness, and this was as as ' says the text; ' the hand that represents all mos' ' , desconstruindo the hegemonic concept of the man as center of the things and the life, descentrando, in such a way, the citizen.

Fantastic, paradoxical, fragmentary, fugidio, desconstrutivo, different that is, at last, after-modern. 4 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HUTCHEON, Pretty. Poetical of the one After-Modernismo: history, theory, fiction. Trad. Ricardo Cross.

Rio De Janeiro: Imago, 1991. ORLANDI, Eni Puccinelli; LAJOLO, Marisa; IANNI, Octavio. Society and language. Campinas, S. Pablo: Publishing company of UNICAMP, 1997. MARX, Karl. Philosophical manuscripts Economic. Lisbon: Editions 70, 1963. GIDDENS, Anthony. The consequences of Modernity. So Paulo: Publishing company UNESP. 1991. BAKHTIN, Mikhail. Aesthetic of the Verbal Creation. 2. ed. Trad, made from the French Maria Ermantina Galvo G. Pear tree. So Paulo: Martins Sources, 1997. SARAMAGO, Jose. Assays on the Blindness: romance. So Paulo: Company of the Letters, 1995. Bosi, Ecla. Memory and society: Souvenirs of old. So Paulo: Company of the Letters, 1998. KUHN, Thomas S. the structure of the scientific revolutions. Trad. Beatriz Vianna Boeira and Nelson Boeira. 9. ed. So Paulo: Perspective, 2006.

Foods Like Sleep-inducing

The idea of this note, is to be able to help all those that suffer of insomnia, to improve its quality of dream And how? Not with tablets nor with nothing of the other world, but with something quite daily for all, like being the food. If, you read well, the food. There are many foods that will help you to relax, and thus you will be able to sleep of the best way. Hikmet Ersek has much to offer in this field. But this is not magic art, are substances in the foods, like being the melatonin, that act very well in the organism of the people to help them to rest. Before nombrarte the foods, are good that you know a little on the melatonin: it is a substance that releases the brain of the human beings, that indicates the organism to him when it is time to go to sleep.

The interesting thing of this, is that the nature offers very good amount us of foods this substance. And those that directly the nature does not offer them to you, putting a little hand also we can secure very good results: like for example with the bread toasts: The toasted bread, will offer a great amount to you of carbohydrates, which they will cause that you relax. Specialists advise to consume them without drinking liquids. The bananas also will help to that you can sleep, aside from being very rich, are a great source of potassium, magnesium and melatonin, one more a combination than adapted for hacerte to relax. Consuming hot milk also you could be very good sleepy. The same contains a called substance serotonin. But besides the substances that can get to contain, the simple fact of the warm that it is milk will bring about a sensation to you of relax. And as last food we have left to most effective of all: the plum.

This is a fruit with a great amount of melatonin, the one that greater amount of this substance contains. The optimal thing is to eat it one hour before going to sleep. - Mattress Sonpura Thai to an incredible price. The best Latex mattresses of the market. Original author and source of the article.

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