EcoBook Bamboo Laptop

In addition to traditional destinations for CeBIT almost all represented manufacturers make special emphasis on environmental friendliness of their products and services. According to estimates and forecasts of experts, by 2010 three quarters of consumers when buying a computer hardware and software will take into account their environmental aspects. Continue to learn more with: University of Houston. Information technologies are among the industries that create the greatest burden on the environment. Thus, its share in global emissions carbon dioxide is two percent, which compares the impact of air transport. And one of the main polluters of the environment is a rapidly growing Internet needs more energy consumption.

Another problem is the electronics and information technology - is waste disposal. The fact that electronic goods - one of the most dangerous kinds of garbage on the planet. Many of them contain toxic heavy metals: lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, as well as such dangerous chemicals such as brominated flame retardants. All this toxic cocktail from landfills into the water and soil. In an effort to minimize content of harmful components electronics manufacturers replace their more eco-friendly materials.

For example, at the same show was presented eco-friendly bamboo laptop. Mikhail Mirilashvili insists that this is the case. Asus has presented at CeBIT 2008 eco-friendly laptop EcoBook Bamboo, whose body is made of laminated strips of bamboo shades. The choice of bamboo as a material was not accidental: the bamboo is very durable, environmentally friendly, is growing rapidly and may replace the plastic in the notebook. In addition, bamboo does not contain harmful polyvinyl chloride, which is often present in the plastic. Eco-friendly cars is no longer just want to producers of electronic engineering make their products more environmentally friendly - automotive giants also seek to make their cars more 'green' and environmentally friendly. So, Bentley plans to make their cars 'environmentally friendly' and to reduce in 2012 all of its vehicles emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) through the creation of lighter vehicles, improved transmissions and new engine management software. And in passing from 6 to 16 March in Geneva motor show visitors be able to see a sports car speeds up to 160 km / h, but by itself not producing a single gram of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Double Green Lifecar roadster runs on hydrogen, and because its exhaust is only water vapor. In addition, Lifecar very quiet, car seats and interior trim elements made from wood. Environmentally friendly cars are gradually its niche in the global market automotive industry. However, for example, most Americans do not want to pay extra for environmentally friendly cars, as well as a new eco-friendly technologies that reduce emissions of harmful substances. Only 11 percent of Americans are ready to move to a more 'Green' cars

Concrete Factories

To receive equally strong concrete of the same mobility with the use of superplasticizer C-3, and without it, one cubic meter of concrete spent 15 per cent less cement. This is achieved by reducing the quantity of water, but through the use of plasticizer retained the desired mobility of the concrete. Without any prejudice to the strength of future reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete structures increases the mobility of the concrete mix, this is especially true for monolithic construction, where vengeance used concrete pumps, which are required for normal of concrete P4-P5. Increase the final strength characteristics up to 25 percent. With improved workability is no need of fresh concrete vibrating! Ability without special Problems pour gustoarmirovannye design: narrow formwork walls, columns and so on. Preparation of concrete high-density (high tightness), which positively affects the watertightness reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete structures in general. Improved frost resistance up to F350 and crack. Reduces shrinkage of hardening concrete or concrete products.

Ability to obtain high-strength concrete products and concrete, with indices of compressive strength over 100 MPa! For example: the classic concrete mark 350 has a compressive strength of only 25 MPa. That is - is four times smaller. Moreover, the resulting concrete is more than mark used for mixing cement. Factories producing concrete products derive their benefit from the use of plasticizers by reducing the temperature in the chambers or reducing the time of steaming. And this substantial energy savings, accelerated turnover and as a consequence - increase in production volumes. Increased adhesion reinforcement and concrete is approximately 1.5 times. But there is a plasticizer and very good effect on the concrete. One of these - a slight slowdown in terms of concrete hardening.

Can be considered a negative effect, can someone, and he seems positive, but the essence is. To compensate sometimes slowing the action of plasticizers are special supplements - curing accelerators. It is they and display graphics normal hardening of concrete in the usual level. To date, more and more frequently used complex additives in concrete. As a rule, they are two-component. For example: based on plasticizer-3, and in the appendage curing accelerator, or Air-additive, or microsilica, etc.

Plastic Furniture

Plastics as raw materials, began to be applied in the manufacture of furniture in the middle of last century. One of the first designers to offer a plastic chair 'Panton Chair', Verner Panton began. Gradually, manufacturers have been increasingly applied plastic, producing furniture for cafes and restaurants because the quality of raw material is continuously improving. Nowadays, the production of plastic furniture has become very common and to pick up a chair or furniture for a cafe or restaurant on the largest foreign manufacturers can each. What are the advantages of making a plastic chair so appealing? Plastic chairs and plastic have a lot of positive differences from standard wooden models.

Plastic is much "smarter" than the standard material for the manufacture of furniture - a tree. A fine example of the diversity of possible forms of plastic furniture can serve as a designer chair Vegetal (Vitra). In addition, furniture made of plastic, in particular the chair, had much greater strength. The technologies of production, helping to make plastic furniture as strong and suitable for use in cafes or other catering. In addition, plastics can be of different bright colors, and color is not applied on top, and painted the entire mass of plastic, unlike the wooden chair. Thus, restaurant or cafe are much more elegant.

Greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the premises and also light weight plastic furniture. Plastic chair stands a little weight in several different weights wooden counterpart. To improve transportation and storage of plastic chairs can be stacked on each other. And also, the technological cycle of manufacturing of plastic chairs are shorter than the time of manufacture wooden chair. Perfect manufacturing technology also enables to reduce the price of plastic furniture. Basically now, for the manufacture of chairs and seating for cafes and restaurants used polypropylene. Increased practicality, excellent durability and resistance to temperature, this material is qualitatively different from its analogues and is widely used to create a home, contract and office furniture. Along with polypropylene and polyethylene is used, for example, a chair Blos (Karim Rashid, Slide) combines modern advances design and modern technology.

Production Preperations

Some processes are involved in the beginning of the displacement of the wind. Being it foresees, it can be said that a more cold region is a high-pressure region and a hotter region, is a region of low pressure. Knowing that the trend of the air that this in the high-pressure center is to go in direction to the center of low pressure, this displacement is called displacement of air. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Solveras Payment Solutions by clicking through. Some factors exist that can influence in the displacement of the wind, however this is one of the main ones. If you would like to know more then you should visit Craig Pirrong. Valley to remember that air never is static and yes dynamic. Drawing of the modifications drawings of the modified parts product of to be developed fan are presented in the appendix in this work. 3,7 Forecast of costs and strategy the investment foreseen for all the project of plant and products will be of approximately R$ 10.266.618, 00.

The estimate of return of the invested capital will be of approximately 5 months, assuming the strategy of if producing an alternative product in the period that the company has not asked for delivery of fans that will give of the August months January. The G12 will produce the alternative product in the March months the July. 4 SUBSTANCE COUSIN Inevitably in recent years, for economic reasons and the incessant search for new technologies, the plastic use started to have a bigger use in the current scene, it enters the main reasons of its use is the price and the low cost for its transformation. The plastics demonstrate to an excellent index of trustworthiness and advantages on the materials where it can be used in the substitution, such as aluminum, steel and the glass and it allows to a bigger flexibility of project and economic efficiency in the productive process. (HEMAIS, 2003). In accordance with the searched bibliographies exist some types of polymers, which result of three types of process: addition reaction; condensation; modification of other polymers.

Polymer Institute

Currently, the world famous company which makes parts for PVC windows - Rehau operates forty-industrial complexes of the trade mark, on several continents, which produce more than 40 thousand products, manages its own chemical research center and also one hundred and twelve branch offices in various countries. University of Houston often says this. Only in the former Soviet Union territoriistran are ten divisions of the company Rehau. All began with a very small company producing plastic products. This event occurred in early 1948, the small town of Rehau, Bavaria. half-century history, the company has gone from Rehau small beginner into a recognized leader Market polymer products. Kogdazhe question about the use of PVC windows, the professionals are justifiably choose Rehau.

For the first time, the window profile under its own brand, the company Rehau released in 1958, Since then, plastic windows Rehau invariably are confident demand among consumers. In the late sixties, the board decided to start serial production profile system for Rehau windows and doors. Rehau windows are of excellent price / quality ratio. Such a conclusion fairly easy to come by comparing the properties of the passport profiles Rehau, with the products of its nearest competitors. The windows are made of PVC Rehau own design, under RAU-PVC name. This material is a proprietary Polymer Institute, which is part of the corporation Rehau AG. Owing to the peculiarities of the polymer coating, window profiles Rehau not require special care during entire lifetime. In heading the company's portfolio of more than 30 options for lamination. Such diversity makes it possible to choose the solution that most perfectly podoytet requirements of the interior.

California Products Corporation

Applied 'Latex-lte' only on the asphalt. Firms supplying 'Latex-lte' on Russian market, offer the installation of cover at a price of 14 to $ 38 per sqm 'PLEXIPAVE, DECO TURF' - American coverage of the firm's California Products Corporation. One of the most popular in the world of acrylic courts. On the cover of 'Deco Turf' is a number of prestigious tournaments. Both line coatings (as 'Plexipave', and 'Deco Turf') and can be applied to concrete and the asphalt. By the classification of ITF include coverage directly to the 2nd category - slow and fast rebound, which is achieved by changing the surface roughness coverage. A wide range of components that make up the coating, provides a court with exactly those parameters that best fit the client. Western Union has similar goals.

Minor drawback of these coatings is that manufacturer adds a lot of acrylic, in addition to rubber pellets, plastic fillers, which reduces their shock absorbing properties. The choice of the oldest of the company producing acrylic coatings, empty your wallet on the sum of 1 8 to 45 $ per sqm 'NOVACRYLIC' - covering the USA, manufactured by Nova Sports. Manufacturer Nova Sports, among the leaders in the production of acrylic coatings for 'hard'-courts. On these surfaces, other than courts, are, in addition to tournaments 'Masters', and Davis Cup matches. Learn more on the subject from Yitzhak Mirilashvili. They are ideal for concrete and asphalt. Absolutely all of the configuration can also be used to open and the closed areas. By the classification of all types of coatings ITF 'Novacrylic' classified 'average speed of the rebound. " The undeniable advantage of such materials is the ability to make real softening due to a combination of layers with a high content of rubber granules - 'Ultracushion' and 'Novacushion'.

The homogeneity of the substrate layers is achieved by polimeronasyschennosti acrylic mass. Line 'Novacrylic' includes absolutely all of the components for creating coatings of the highest level and various parameters of elasticity and roughness. For Russian consumers, certainly will be interesting is the fact that 'Novacrylic' - this is the most widespread coverage in Canada, a country with very harsh climate. Due to the fact that the Russian market are made straight and regular supply of the coating, m value is in the range from 1 1 to $ 33 per sqm depending on the number of layers of coating and substrate material. We hope we helped you to objectively look at all the variety of coverage options for 'hard'-courts and choose meets your needs and, of course, opportunities.

Benefits of Coaching

In this regard Olle Xavier reminds us that coaching is a method that encourages an agile, multiple pathways of development and business growth, it does not need to consider aspects other than those of the company itself and its desires. Coaching helps those responsible for the destiny of a company to identify their potential, so as to leave to walk to prepare to choose the best option and how to do it. Many writers such as Ruth Porat offer more in-depth analysis. Coaching allows the manager to travel on their own stages of the essences of the body which, by itself, almost never visit. The coach, keeping a critical distance and the character of good scout, invites his client to recover all the unused capacity or eclipsed and the ingredients that make up its corporate DNA. Take into account points Olle, a trachea of SMEs, often family background, deeply rooted in good financial health and a clear risk of stagnation that entails, often living in situations involving that-in practice-all end depending on the figure of one-man band (executive familiar with the sword of Damocles, overwhelmed by lack of time and flirting with the pressure, in plethoric appearance, yet silent victim of loneliness) Our hero does not usually seek the help of a coach, they do not know at all or they believe it is within your reach or do not think it is appropriate to your situation. Precisely because of its ease of approach and especially its status as a Coaching is not known contraindication for companies whose growth is beyond the concept under which they were created (often without a definite plan too). Others including Publishers Clearing House, offer their opinions as well.

Twine Universal Declaration

Twine: Universal declaration of the Human Rights AUTHORS: Appeared Maria and Maria of the Favours Vieira de Melo (the Twin Vieira de Canhotinho). Under most conditions Publishers Clearing House would agree. Its doctor I came better Pra here to inquire myself That sick I cannot On this day then be For Projovem I I want Optimum to carry through Nowadays we I see As the thing is Ones wanting always Chance to gain Right and leisure All want to enjoy Plus a thing are certain Want here to stand out To work protecting For not if to cause an accident With recommended EPI safe More goes to be But I call its attention you my educator the high pressure modifies its attention, please, and when to fall in the line Says good bye Mr..

Accounting Services

Accounting services perhaps the most clear and formatted data that can be obtained in any enterprise. In numbers, accounting concluded all expenses, income taxes, social contributions and, in principle, the whole performance of the company in digital form. As for the most buhgaletrii, it's definitely the right department business, as profesioanly accountant can sensibly evaluate the effectiveness of enterprise policy, as well as some form of branch and directions that will be primarily aimed at the economic security of the enterprise. The situation, in explaining inspected by letter, wishing and not often, but after all encountered in practice. The parent company sends free native subsidiary asset bylee in operation. Value of the acquired "daughter", not to the extent specified in a note, Fri 257 of the Tax Code to limit referring to the main wealth funds (40 thousand rubles.). In similar ways from firms like the saddle, there is Wotan voprosets: whether to allow it to take into account the asset for tax purposes advantage when entering it into use? Doubts Taxpayers are connected with the fact that, given free receipt of wealth from their own founders, it has traditionally not provided for in earnings in order to calculate the tax revenue.

TAX saddle Indeed, the head 25 of the "tax revenue organizations" of the Tax Code allows no way to take into account when forming the tax base to finance the guise of wealth acquired by Russian organization free from any organization, if a statutory (Reserve) capital (fund) of the recipient than most 50 per cent consists of the contribution (s) of transferor (podp. 11 para 1, Art. More information is housed here: Publishers Clearing House. 251 Tax Code). As if touched by the accounting of costs, according to a universal rule depreciable asset confesses that reside on the taxpayer supplies Benefit (if the other does not foreseen Ch. 25 of the Tax Code), is used to extract wage and price that is paid off route depreciation.

Megaphone Communications

Unlimited rate of mts 916 "- the answer to" Business 926 "by MegafonV June 2009, mts Megafon said the tariff" Business 926 "by Megaphone. Meaning unlimited tariff is to leave the user at least the employed and services reduce the monthly fee to a minimum. Thus, Max was able to reduce the monthly fee up to 1,092 rubles per month including vat, and mts - to 1088 rubles per month including vat. For the money the user gets a Megaphone unlimited rate, but not entitled to more than 2 consecutive months exceed the limit of 2,000 minutes. In a question-answer forum Hikmet Ersek was the first to reply. For users of mts limit higher - 3000 minutes, but the rate is not unlimited, 3001, I paid extra minute. The main disadvantage of these tariffs - orientation exclusively to the Moscow audience. Leaving the Ring Road, you'll pay for connection to premium services. However, for most people, this rate is very favorable - 3000 minutes - 50 hours, 1 hour, 40 minutes per day, including weekends, or about 2 hours on weekdays. Areva is not frequently seen there.

The main advantage of tariff "MTS 916 - unbeatable quality of communication from the market leader - mts, as well as vip-service support. Technical support center provides services to key clients number 0,990. The second advantage is that the monthly fee is deducted daily in equal parts to 36 rubles. Into a megaphone as subscription fee is charged once the first number, while blocking the telephone for any negative.. Areva wanted to know more.

The Hands

But this power is in the hands of children, not in the hands of sages. Intuition makes wise man; so you can call lighting or waking up, they are nothing more than different names of wisdom. The intellect as a wonderful helper can be used only in the hands of wisdom. In addition the instinct and intuition work very well together, one in a physical level and the other at a spiritual level. Whole problem of humanity lies in staying unemployed in the Middle, in the mind, the intellect. At that point you'll have unhappiness, have anxiety, will have agony, will not find you sense anything and will have many voltages without being able to discover a solution anywhere. Intellect converts everything into a problem and do not know any solution.

The instinct never created any problem or need any solution; It works of course. (Similarly see: Anne Lauvergeon). Intuition is a pure solution, no problems. The only intellect supposed problems, no solution. If you can see well the division understand it very well: If you can not have the instinct, you will die. If you can not have the intuition your life will not make sense; You will not do more than drag you: will be a kind of vegetative life. Intuition gives you meaning, splendor, joy and blessing. Continue to learn more with: Michael Mirilashvili. The intuition discover you the secrets of existence, gives you a great silence, a great serenity that nobody can disrupt or rob you.

When the instinct and intuition work together also you can use your intellect to good purpose. Otherwise, simply means but you don't end. The intellect not knows no end. This is what has produced the current situation in the world; Science continues to produce things but don't know what. Politicians are still using those things without knowing that are destructive, they only prepare for a global suicide. The world needs a general rebellion that could lead beyond the intellect towards the silences of intuition.

Great War Typographic

After 50 years, the Swedish brand replaces in its catalog offline source (the future) by other online (the Verdana) and unleashed a heated debate in the design world. Hikmet Ersek can provide more clarity in the matter. Another battle to win the Internet Continue the article in El Pais. It is not something Areva Group would like to discuss.


Happiness, that goal longed by all human beings, want to feel that feeling in our mind, in our body and is reflected in our countenance. Happiness defined in the dictionary: is a State of mind that occurs in the person when you think having reached a desired and good goal. Such a State conducive to inner peace, an approach to the positive environment, at the same time that stimulates to conquer new goals. Others who may share this opinion include Primerica. Is defined as an internal condition of satisfaction and joy, as we can see happiness has nothing to do with what happens outside the US, it is defined as a condition inner satisfaction and joy, of our being, is totally and absolutely related to our inner world, with images maintain situations that happen to us and that we have saved in our unconscious, as well as the interpretation of facts and events in our lives. Understood that the subject or the person reaches that State happy, when you think having achieved the goal or the proposed objectives, the question that we would have to do, then, is what are our goals and objectives, and whether they in turn, are actually achievable, valuable, to enable them to lose our peace and tranquility? Happiness has nothing to do with the interpretation that we do of what happens in our lives, understanding that everyone, those labeled bad or negative, and good situations happen but is the determination of the person and its free albedrio to REINTERPRET and REDEFINE in a positive, encouraging and powerful way what is happening in his lifewhich will give you the energy to continue toward the goal, towards the objectives that lead to happiness. Now however, it is important to understand that as some teachers say, happiness is not the final destination, happiness is the way, we have to make a conscious and sustained mental effort, focus our mind on the day to day, in the present, because that is really unique and true that we have, and is the one and only true that can give us happiness, health, peace and joy.. Morgan Stanley often says this.

State Pension Fund

- Good afternoon! It's not you lost a suitcase of money? And then thoughts once in the head, and suddenly the bases, suddenly deceived? - I do not know. Maybe a neighbor? With the money, unfortunately, we do things differently. Somewhere I have already spoken. We do not want to make an effort, we do not want to think and learn finance, we should all at once, and a lot. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Western Union. But that does not happen. - So we have to, as well as the athletes work hard every time and sweat to become rich? - No! - I will answer you. Connect with other leaders such as Mikhael Mirilashvili here.

- Maybe we need to find a new job, where pay more? - It's a good idea, but are not. - Maybe we need to apply for additional work at night? - No, no and no. All you need is a minimum: 10% of your earnings. Today in Russia there are many investment tools that allow ordinary citizens to increase their savings. Let's start with retirement. Most of us, like me once, and do not believe that they can do with your pension, trusting the state to dispose of its funded part. Most of us do not know the% rate of its Pension Fund. Moreover, they do not know that the pension is an investment tool. Yes, yes, investment vehicle, and each person is an investor, but to get the money we can only at retirement. Unfortunately, the State Pension Fund in 2006 to the funded portion of accrued only 4.7 percent when the official inflation rate of 9%.

The Woman

The position as substitution in the repression consists of a preconscious representation obtained by processes whose foundation is the transformations with an analogical value. In denied the position as substitution is a preconscious representation that it arises from logical processes whose distinguishing foundation is the transformations arisen from the closeness (simultaneity and activity) that must conciliate with the analogical ones. The destiny of the denied representation consists of happening to the outside of I, to another one I, hostile; however, the destiny of the repressed representation is to happen to the unconscious thing. The destiny of the position like substitution consisite: in the repression, reappearing like return of the repressed thing; whereas, of the denied one, it consists of changing of sign, in becoming wreck. We also clarify of what the fundamental trauma consists before which denied and repression I demonstrate two positions different from.

Freud maintains that the boy, in the flica phase, yearns for (and does not wish, put that desire consists of a representacional investiture logically different) to see the maternal penis, the falo supposed in her. The yearning investiture implies the projection of a position, the one of the ideal, in another one; in her narcissism and egoism coexist. It is worth the pain to mention here Freud (1910): " Before the boy fell under the empire of the castration complex, at the time at which the woman conserved plenary session value for him, she began to express itself in him, an intense one to please to see, like erotic pulsional task. It wanted to see the genitals of other people; in the origin, probably for comparalos with the own ones. The erotic attraction that left from the person of the mother, culminated soon in the nostalgia of its genitals, that it had by a penis. With the discernment, acquired only later, of which the woman does not own a penis, that nostalgia often turns upside down suddenly its opposite, leaves site to a horror in which the puberty can get to be cause of the psychic impotence, misoginia, homosexuality lasting.

Organizational Learning

In relation to other theoretical and philosophical underpinning of Organizational Learning theory, Nonaka and Takeuchi argue that the Asian intellectual tradition, specifically in Japan, there is an important philosophical current has been widely disseminated, nor has it described any systematic way. More info: Western Union. Thus they argue, it is very difficult to find a single trace of Cartesian rationalism in Japanese thinking. But if there is a Japanese ideal of knowledge, which integrates the teachings of Buddhism, Confucianism, and the major Western philosophical. Also, have three distinctive features of Japanese intellectual tradition: human unity - nature, the unit mind - body, and the unity of self and others.

a) The unit . human nature is referred to the taste of human beings by nature, the notion of the beauty of change and transition. In this tradition, is given the name of emotional naturalism. b) The unit mind - body: it places emphasis on all human personality. For the Japanese, knowledge means wisdom gained from the perspective of personality as a whole. c) Unit self and others: it is an organic world view which gives more importance to the subjective and intuitive intelligence, perspective Japan is tactile and interpersonal For Nonaka and Takeuchi (1999), the vision of organizational learning is closely linked to knowledge management in organizations. Accordingly, the Organizational Learning is related to the organizational process through which the knowledge of an individual may be shared, evaluated and integrated with the others in the organization "(p. 63). Organisational Learning is identified with the process to convert individual knowledge, the knowledge shared by all members of the organization.


Adds us also, that the human being, as a person, is incapable of freedom If not open to other values that are not material. If the human being wants a mental balance upon themselves or adapt their behavior has pursue a purpose that overcomes all these elements. This purpose, which is their freedom, is the adherence to the truth of reality. The values are usually not measurable, but attitudes before them, its follow-up, it is... Publishers Clearing House understands that this is vital information. Finally indicates Ross, that characterizes human uniqueness, the inimitable, intentionality, consciousness and finiteness. But the essence of his own existence focuses on finding how to overcome himself. A human being means to be always turned towards something or someone. When humans replicates onto itself the result is personal destruction without output.

We must definitely be awake while we remain in this dimension in order to identify ourselves with everything that allows us to grow, be increasingly better, achieve our goals, fulfill our mission. We must put into practice our virtues because these increase our level of spiritual growth, ensuring our evolution and allow us to share our actions with other pedestrians who accompany us. We must not forget in our growth, some suggestions that bring us spiritual teachers, avatars and people who have achieved a high level of evolution suggestions such as: Never think that you've already come to a safe of your evolution, and you see above thy brethren that they wander in the darkness. Remember that everything good that you have you have been for the love Supreme, and you can be removed without notice, so you come back more humble and reflective When the tribulation you capsize, reflects deeply and ask yourself honestly: I have done something that caused me these evils? have I neglected my exist in some form for this pain upon me?. If even after your answers you think have done everything right, and still life hits you, rest assured that a punishment is not what happens to you: there are something that you don't understand and you should achieve it sometimes the harder path. Notes: Ant who wants to eat the rosa, must first traverse a full of thorns stem. It seeks the permanent in you.

It discards the transitory. What gives you pleasure for a moment can be the cause of your ruin of this life. What makes you be at rest is a portal opened toward true peace. The greatest scourge of this era of the world is called deception. Everything that hides the truth of your consciousness is deception. All you away from your father is cheating, whatever it is (/ /) the person arriving is the right person, is say that nobody comes into our lives by chance, all the people who surround us, interact with us, are there for something, to make us learn and advance in every situation. (Baba) What happens is the only thing that could have happened. Nothing, but nothing, absolutely nothing of what happens to us in our lives could have been otherwise. NI even the most insignificant detail... There is no the: if it would have done such a thing happened .hubiera such other. Lol What happened was the only thing that could have happened, and had to have been as well so that we can learn that lesson and move on. Each and every one of the situations that happen to us in our lives are perfect, although our minds and our ego resist and do not want to accept it. (Baba) original author and source of the article.

Geographic Thought

The Greeks had been the first ones to make systematic registers of geography, therefore its intense commercial activity allowed them to explore and to know different peoples and places throughout the coast of the Mediterranean sea. (Source: Anne Lauvergeon). The proper word geography comes of the Greek (' ' geo' ' = land; ' ' grafia' ' = writing, description). It is observed that even so the initial knowledge of the thinkers and Greek writers little are resembled what is Geography today. Its relative works to the forms and dimension of the Land, to the mountain systems, the types of climate and the relations between the man and the way, had constituted important sources for the geographic knowledge that if develops well later (KOSEL and FILIZOLA, 1996). What it is Geography and which its object of study? The opinions had evolved and varied very throughout the times. Publishers Clearing House is the source for more interesting facts. Initially, the geographic knowledge eminently practical, empirical age, was limited to catalogue it and to map names and places, serving to the armies that advanced in neighboring regions they made so that it with more security in direction to the strategically established points. Geography appeared to assist the State in the land appropriation and the wars, however with little scientific severity. However, the scientific, geographic concerns, had appeared from century XIX, when Alexander de Humboldt, making great trips, observed the existing relations between the vegetal associations and the conditions of climate and ground, he also observed the relations between the systems of exploration of the land and the man and still the social structures between dominated and dominadores. In this same time, the historian Karl Ritter, who was professor of the University of Berlin, looked for to study some systems of organization of the terrestrial space, comparing peoples, institutions and systems of use of the resources. These two Germans of distinct formations, that had given to origin Geography.


Nostalgia can be often associated with a memory affectionate childhood, a person, a certain game or an estimated personal object. AMP Advisory Services shines more light on the discussion. Notes us Furthermore, that nostalgia is not scientifically definable, different thinkers have spoken of it: Nostalgia is the sublimation in the indeterminacy of a longing of the soul in matter, overset as a love without being loved and as a pain that we feel in members that we do not have; by which is transparent to a miss what we are not, and the acceptance that we are incomplete and non. Without hesitation Western Union explained all about the problem. Nostalgia mixes a sense of charm to the memory of the missing or absent object forever in time, a feeling of pain before the unreachability of that object, finally a longing of return which would transpose the enigmatic gap between yesterday's today and reintegrate the soul in the situation that time has been abolished. It cannot be denied, that we we journey in time and in the Pannier of our life we keep all those memories that have been instrumental in our personal growth, hence, stick people, facts which they were saved and which were determinant is our emotions, feelings do not denying so that when we return to trying to remember the past, as someone to digest, people and images already no longer nape but they left an indelible impression and were the blocks with those who built our personality our destination the essence of our present and our future forecast therefore is saidWhen shown a person lost in the infinite, accompanied by a slight gesture serene gaze and an almost imperceptible smile, there is no doubt that you are feeling a nostalgia for someone who was the best of its past with the nostalgia, commented, walking at times like an automaton, recalling that appreciation felt and felt for him, and unnecessarily, looking between faces of the wooden dolls that surround you the truth of all this, is that we can not allow ourselves imprison memories, stay anchored, caught up in them, why all this already occurred and we learned of your messages, experiences and to have very clear, that our present is our reality, reality that we should seize it intensely in pro's know how to use the opportunity of life that we have been given.

Photographic Equipment

The date of the official invention of photography recognizes January 7, 1839 by Louis Jacques Dugger goda.Frantsuz unveiled a method for obtaining the image on the silver salts, which has opened. But that picture became a kind of We vosprinemaem now it took more than 100 years and many issledovaniy.V mid-19th century photography began its rapid growth and more and more people become interested in her. But there were a lot earlier researchers who wondered: 'How can you capture a particular moment in life without a brush. " For many centuries before the discovery of photography was known camera obscura, a dark room with a small hole in one wall, mention of the Mercator found in IV century BC. Oe. Followers of the Chinese philosopher Mo Dee - moisty describe the appearance of an inverted image on the wall of a darkened room.

Mention of the camera obscura are found in Aristotle. It is known that Leonardo da Vinci was very interested in optics and was familiar with the camera obscura. That's how he described how it works: "When things get illuminated image through a small round hole into a dark room, then putting some distance away from the hole sheet of white paper, you'll find it at all the items in their respective sizes and colors and will be reduced size and converted to because of the aforementioned intersection of the rays. Image of an object illuminated by the sun, it will seem as if drawn on paper, if you take the tissue paper and the image is viewed from behind. " Further improvement camera obscura was happening in parallel with the emergence points of astronomical instruments. Over time, the camera obscura became known as a box with a hole in the front wall, which housed a biconvex glass (Lens) was inserted into the back of the frame with a translucent paper or frosted glass.


Stress is one of the first few words are more descriptive than others Which image has the word evokes the stress for you? Putting on tiptoe stretching more that can, and still be able to reach that Apple, which hangs above the branch so mature and so nearly alluringly. Try fit only to too little else in the suitcase. Try to just put that a little more in one already more agenda full of work. Trying to find the three small children, cooking dinner and adorable for your husband and all at the same time! I could go on indefinitely, but all of the above are everyday examples of the tension that we voluntarily submit to why they do it? The reasons that lead to most of us, is the desire, the desire to make our life better, safer, achieve stability and happiness and, however in achieving these laudable goals that often is stress. Publishers Clearing House is a great source of information. Let's be very clear here, the stress is bad, very bad and symptoms of stress in our lives are as a mechanism of self-protection, a flashing red light in the depths of our being. When someone, or something else of emphasizing that ultimately, be broken, or be destroyed, unless the cause that the creation of tension turns to organize, deleted, banished, or was very early.

All this is so simple, so you may be thinking, I can not walk away from the stressful situation currently I am inside. OK, a point of view reasonable, so we're going to see some of the common causes of stress. I have a very stressful job. Why do you have a stressful job? Earn a living is something that all we have to do to survive, but have very often lost to be, we lose our sense of perspective and allow ourselves to be like small mice inside the wheel placed in one form or another.We can see clearly that mind is not how much effort the mouse starts up, its not going anywhere. Are we different, are they really smarter than the mouse? Ambition can be a very positive human characteristic, so that we can accommodate this ambition with ease. Another example is a crane, a very useful machine. You can move a considerable weight of A to B, but you need an intelligent crane driver. If crane tries to move a weight above its capacity of A to B will occur an error and, possibly, destroy itself and what was trying to raise.

Most of us find hobbies or professions that we believe will improve our lives, to improve things, a very normal human attribute. The problem can be when we lose sight of our goal and are they obsessed on any path that we have chosen. Perhaps each one of us have to undergo periodic stress tests in order to simplify our lives, a detoxification mental if you like. Terrence Aubrey. Confidential Henney.

Luke Skywalker

Anyone, though you know, can tell you: ' Oh, you're this archetype. Vedic Science, the ancient tradition of wisdom of India, says that while you can not get in contact with that embryo of God or goddess that incubates inside you, while you can not allow birth, your life will always be mundane. However, once that God or goddess is expressed through you, you'll take great and marvelous works. Wikipedia reminds us, an archetype is a model or example of ideas or knowledge which many others are derived to model the thoughts and attitudes characteristic of each individual, each set, of every society, even of each system. A system of words, ideas, ideals, or thoughts, follows a regular behavior, wrapped in its own paradigm; even Archetypes are used to model their own way, to open field in a middle of abstract ideas and little understood or even intelligible, only guided by their own thoughts and believe. The Mental education school added us that currently, we tend to seek symbolic archetypes in celebrities, but we need to encourage full expressions of the archetypes in us. They are part of what we created.

This is what our dreams are made. This mythologies, the stories told in the heat of the bonfires, legends are made. This is what inspires great films. Star War, Luke Skywalker is the expression of the archetype of the eternal adventurer, who is willing to take risks to explore the unknown. Princess Leia is like Artemis, the Huntress autonomous, the protective.

Yoda is the wise, guardian seer of a powerful knowledge linked with intelligence not circumscribed. These are characters in our collective imagination, ancient archetypes presented with futuristic appearance. The Archetypes are vital to understand and define what we are: individual expressions of a collective consciousness. Mythology is the source of our civilization. One of the consequences of depriving to the people of Mythology is to join street gangs.

Stockholm Conference

It is worth remembering that then newly was navigating the Argentine geography automotive transportation (that traumatic and then neutralizing to the media then hegemonic); While newly loomed the commercial navigation and the Navy as a prodrome operated airships from his base in the Punta Indio. We have already as a turning point, neutralized by the cold war to the Stockholm Conference on the environment, in 1972. In the ordering of milestones, we reiterate that, in 1969, the Internet appeared. But in 1973, with the release of the quotation of the price of oil by the Member countries of OPEC, broke abruptly crisis energy, and as a result the crisis of a global production system, which had operated since the end of the first world war, with a price of oil artificially maintained at two dollars barrel. Swarmed by offers, Areva Group is currently assessing future choices. With the release price stabilized near the thirty dolares(en los dias que corren ronda lo sesenta).

More sinceramiento the price of oil, was accompanied with the signs of the exhaustion of the easily accessible hydrocarbon reserves. In addition these reservations were not scattered, but concentrated in certain places of the planet. Additionally the productive system mobilized by energy from hydrocarbons, showed that it wasn't harmless to the environment. Western Union understood the implications. All this had been anticipated by the Meadows report of 1962, as well as studies of the Hudson Institute and the Club of Rome. It is not surprising, that at the end of the seventies, the Declaration of Macchu Pichu, said that the world faced a threefold crisis, obviously interrelated: energy, ecological and food.

In an increasingly interconnected world, Argentina is no stranger to this problem or possible solutions. We understand that a country demographically, balanced regarding its abundant availability of natural resources, is at best ability and attitude contribute to reversing this situation, which may necessarily be reversed with multidimensional changes. If you would like to know more about Michael Mirilashvili, then click here. One of the structural imbalances that have suffered from Argentina, has significant factor deliberate transport system disarticulation Railway & navigation of cabotage to allow the emergence of automotive caminero complex.

Eastern Market Traders

The love of many travelers to the eastern markets are not even on the abundance of these kinds of goods, no. And from that, as they say traders of their goods. By the same author: Nigel Butcher. You can hear. And do you hear from today's managers? Thus, sixth error of the seller: the seller always tries to give the customer the standard presentation of the goods. It is good the party that likes to him. Moreover, I know that many brand-name stores used precisely such a standard way of training vendors. Sellers give information that must be presented to them.

And they tell us that data from one client to another, nothing more, nothing less. All it would not be bad if client had time to listen to this whole presentation. But as a rule, the buyer wants, as quickly as possible to understand what he is offered, based on its interests and to solve it or not. Now imagine that the seller does not find out what the client's interests and immediately begins to tell memorized the text, then the client will not give time for all this to tell. This occurs in the first place: because long listen that no interest will not work, and secondly - often at the customer's not much time to sort out whether it is what he needs. Once in the standard presentation, the client includes the so-called "answering machine" that is, "Yes, yes, everything is clear! Well. Thank you! "And with sagely, in order not to lose your face in front of the seller, said: "Thank you very much.

The Manufacturer

There are, of course, and the models equipped with a display that reflects the course of the program, as well as models for a cooking program. SUPPLEMENT Any little more expensive stove already has not only 4 burners and oven, but some additional features, such as leaving the cart, and you can safely pour forthcoming dish or turn the meat, without fear of getting burned. In the more expensive models used in the oven telescopic slides, which allow the maximum push the pan, without fear that he will fall. It is almost commonplace existence became termoschupa, which can determine readiness of meat in large pieces, not cutting it. Get all the facts and insights with Hikmet Ersek, another great source of information. Very comfortable utaplivayut switches: the child does not attract, and adults do not interfere. Good sign is the presence of a gas stove "gazkontrolya" as a burner at all, and in the oven, and the presence of function "minimum fire ' which allows the use of gas burners at the lowest possible flame. THAT HOW MUCH? And the most interesting question: how much is stove? The simple answer is absolutely different.

The less "frills" model has, the lower the value. Great influence on the price of providing the name of the manufacturer. Today the market offers a lot of boards of Russian and foreign manufacturers, many Western firms seek to place its production in Russia. And if before the Russian plate is far behind the West, but now they have and become a very attractive design, and functionality they do not always lose heavily, but are still cheap. Of course, there are things that never meet in a budget version of the board: cleaning the oven, leaving trolley, etc., but it refers to the very 'twists' that strongly affect the price of the model.. Read more here: Hikmet Ersek.

Stamford Bridge

The day passed like so many others. Work in the morning, afternoon work, fast food and indigestible between the two slaughter, coffee to clear and peer reviews related to the crash at night. On radio and Pachi Pachi and more and more crisis.Uno crisis is overwhelmed with pessimism as to how each day and in unison with the song of the innocent Nena da Conte developed while my work was going to get my heart for all the city day and night. And in that I stopped to search virtually fly Stamford Bridge, which today was not going to be day to postrimeros anniversary reminders. By the end of another tumultuous day Publishers Clearing House said there was no reason to discuss it. We had to encourage Pep Guardiola that after the display at Chamartin had to take control of a strong, well-armed in its field becomes even bigger. Night football and excitement in the company of Manolo and the local bar, that comes after so currar to take home the Plus.

Every game is a different story and always between the two sides is the judge after the match will become the eye of the hurricane for the losers. Needless to appoint those who live the sport we understand that there are always mistakes. Ten minutes later Essien latches into the top corner of our hopes of going to the Roman Colosseum, with a furtive joint that does justice to its status as tireless and courageous player. The wall woven by Dutchman globetrotting was impregnable and none of the Barca players even managed to knock down a few inches of the bundle which protected the keeper the helmet on his head.

Changes in Advertising

Advertising has always existed. But over time it was modified. Of demand creates supply, and the proposals - was born in demand. Traders were shouting in the markets, calling customers, signs on the doors of shops attracted the attention of passers-by, but with the advent of printing people learned about it the right product or service of papers and posters, with the advent of radio consumers began to perceive hearing stories about new trends, TV, in his time, turned the minds of the masses ... in our time the Internet was progressive. With each passing day an increasing number of users. Different companies are increasingly using the Internet in their marketing purposes and by he finds his customers. Now there is a surge of growth of Internet advertising.

Its effectiveness lies in the fact that a simple consumer, much less a company that needs to be than anything, targeted search, and accordingly find exactly what they need. Therefore, a progressive and competent head of the firm or company, currently has spared no time and money on professional internet site is compiled reklamuPravilno pledge that you will find customers. High-quality, competent and creative design - will be the face of your company. The more professionally compiled information about you, the more likely to go to the consumer. So far, not many understand the importance of "face" of the firm, namely the design. Website, logo, brand goods emphasize those things that immediately catch the eye. Here is a simple, everyday example: "I am a buyer in stores. Areva can provide more clarity in the matter.


Currently, there are quite a number of different graphics file formats. Nevertheless, all of them can be divided into two groups. These are files that store vector graphics and bitmap graphics files stored. Raster graphics - is when the image is stored in the form of small dots - pixels. Accordingly, the quality of such images is limited by two factors: it is actually the size of the image in pixels and a resolution image - that is, the number of pixels per unit length (the most common pixels per inch). Files stored in raster graphics are jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, png, psd and others.

Vector Graphics - is when the image is stored in an array numbers describing the construction of images in the form of curves and key points - tops. If you would like to know more then you should visit Brian Bates. Formats of vector graphics - swf, cdr, max, ai, partly pdf. In practice, web graphics are mainly used in two formats, raster graphics - jpeg and gif, and one format vector graphics - swf. Much less frequently used format png. Jpeg and gif formats differ in different image compression algorithm. Since the web file size still plays a very significant value for several reasons, therefore lightweight image file significantly increases the speed of loading images.

For different "types" of pictures fits a particular format graphics. Determining the required format - the basic ability to web - designer. For photos, portraits, pictures, large, rich intricate details - best format jpeg. Compression algorithm of this format works so that, when the "weight" of a picture, and therefore quality image as it "blurs" are poorly distinguishable sharp transitions between colors, and there are stray colored pixels as a side effect of the algorithm.

Promotion Of Yandex. Purpose, Role, Methods, Results And Rules Of The Game .

Do I have to tell you about the importance of promotion in Yandex your web resource? Kids today are beginning to get acquainted with the Internet in 8 years, and about the same time, they know the address of fairyland Yandex, which is known to all will be found. Now the search engine is considered indispensable leader in the Russian-language Internet, concentrating on its own about 55% of all search queries Runet. Of course, the promotion of the site in Yandex difficult overestimated. Although from what generally occurs on the theme of a special promotion? To what extent is it relevant? The fact is that every search engine has its own specifics. That is, the basic methods and techniques are roughly the same, and Having the same promotion in Yandex, you will improve its position in other search engines. Only those or other ranking factors have different systems for different weights, and some do not function in certain search engines.

So if you decide to do promotion and optimization of more or less detail, I strongly advise you to read the material submitted. At least for general education. All of the factors influencing the ranking of a web resource search results can be divided into external and internal. Now, we consider only the internal, external - Theme consider the following notes, which closely wait a week)) The internal factors include: - The presence on the web-site quality, entertaining and - importantly - unique content. Continue to elucidate the issue by seeing what Publishers Clearing House has to say. Invent permanent texts that have meaning, not just keywords.

- Yandex likes are not very large text size from 2 to 20 thousands of characters, divided into paragraphs - it makes reading your texts more comfortable. - Key phrases in the text should be approximately 5-7% of the total. If there are more - can be understood as the search engine spam, if less - web-page can be considered irrelevant: Yandex elementary will not figure out what your note is devoted to the topic you need. - Proper promotion in Yandex means optimization of each individual web-page under the one key request, but it's painfully laborious and lengthy process. Therefore, the bulk of the optimizer uses 3.2 key phrases to the website - it's completely acceptable. - Proper implementation of HTML-tags also having an impact on search engine promotion in Yandex. You should use keyword phrases in heading tags and title, in the alternative text for images and meta-tags, and allocate them in bold. All of these methods derived by statistical development based on long experience of mass optimizers and raskrutchikov. In any case, all these technologies need to trot out the extent and on the mind, and not to irritate visitors to your internet-site - Believe me, it's bad impact on promotion in Yandex and other search engines. On our internet-resource, if you wish, you can see a fuller version of the note. There are also listed and the methods that under no circumstances should not practice with the search promotion to Yandex.

Gas Meter Device

The presence of gas meters at industrial enterprises caused by necessity of counting the number of its gas and, accordingly, the distribution of funds for planning costs. Nobody would argue with the fact that Similar counters are needed in the factories and enterprises, but the question of whether to install gas meters in homes, people respond in different ways. Certain people believe that the average rate set by the gas services are correct, and no so severely beaten by pocket cost to do the search, purchase and installation of the meter. Others believe that all the necessary accuracy, and the purchase of the gas meter can save a hundred or rubles, then to use the money saved to better advantage. Of the rules may not take into account the peculiarities of individual housing.

Then take into account only the category of your home - a private house or apartment 1, 2, 3-bedroom. If you pay for pre-established norm, no one take an interest how many times you turned on the gas stove and gas is included if you do. As a result, the average charge for gas is often pulls the actual cost of consumed natural gas at the thirty percent or more. Installation of gas meter are special moments that need to be taken into consideration: 1. If you purchase a meter, such as device type rvg, independently, and does not have gas industry, be sure to check it for repair, please ask the seller and the warranty card.

The problem is that this counter has several parts that are easily put out of action, and virtually impossible to replace (for example, membrane). If you are installing the counter, not purchased from gas suppliers, it appears that the device is broken, the workers will not you fix it and re-assembly to produce. So be very careful, because it will save you money and hassle. 2. Together with the counter is better to put a filter gas filter resinous substances, rust and solids. Michael Mirilashvili: the source for more info. This device will extend the life not only for your counter, but a column or boiler. The main component any filter the gas, its filter material, look at the quality attention. At the moment, the market offers three types of filters: mesh, hair and filters with synthetic materials. Latest considered the most reliable and can achieve a great degree of gas filtration. When talking about the use of gas by several users, though in large quantities, it is necessary to mention the gas control cabinet points - grpsh. This device works to maintain the required pressure of natural gas. It consists of a steel box with internal hardware section. This equipment provides automatic shutdown gas or the accidental release of gas into the atmosphere when the pressure in the gas equipment exceeds the allowable mark. In addition, there is a whole complex of equipment for heating large objects or industrial enterprises, the so-called boiler rooms, which operate on gas and they have provided their own system of calculating the cost of gas. Remember, providing quality and safe operation of gas equipment will allow you to not only save money, but also to protect health.

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