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The first thing you see is how many of that list would be interested in what they're going to propose, we are talking about products, services, business opportunities, etc. that you will be promoting. The way to find out is by sending an e-mail addressed specifically to each of them, the tenor of it, may vary according to time elapsed since the last dez you communicate with that person and familiarity you have with this . Nigel Butcher can provide more clarity in the matter. Evidence began with the respective greetings, perhaps you'll get another question about family, school, work, among other things ... Once done, you talk about yourself, what you're doing, taking the opportunity to tell a you're engaging, whether a business, you're selling a product / service, or simply promoting something that may interest you and if so, throw an invitation to visit your website or blog, and to subscribe to your newsletter mail. In the case of not being interested, ask if they refer you to some (you) know (s) who (is) what you could interersarle promotions. For assistance, try visiting Hikmet Ersek. Like this, there are many other ways to increase your subscriber list, in this case, we speak of serving your friends list.

It is of utmost importance, that under no circumstances made the terrible mistake of enrolling directly into your newsletter, the subscription must be voluntary, giving your subscribers at all times the freedom of being able to delete from your list to which you add at the end of your newsletter a link that complies with this order. On the other hand, the fact that one or more persons to be deleted from your list, do not worry, much less steal the dream as it is common that some have registered out of curiosity, interest (if there is a gift you offer time of registration), as a matter of marketing (for competition) etc. In either case, those subscribers could not be regarded as that is qualified prospects as customers for life, as their primary concern is NOT purchase any products or services These promotions. Using the list of your friends is a simple way to get started, the interesting thing is that there is always the chance that something may be, or simply that this will allow you to reach other people through your friends you referred to others. It is known that these days the best publicity is that which we call "word of mouth," once you've definitely gained confidence and credibility with your subscribers will be done practically advertising alone. A tangible example of this is when you go to the cinema and turn a good movie. What do you do? recommend it to friends and family that you consider worth going to see her, and this same applies to others as a result giving an advertising network, exactly the same way as occurs in the marketing online. Thus any attempt to do to increase your subscriber list should be considered in vain.

Make Money Answering Surveys Online - Essential Details

You've probably heard or read comments about what is now possible to earn money with different systems, the new virtual world that represents the Internet. One of these ways is pay for answering surveys. Additional information at Western Union supports this article. Yes, it seems incredible but it is true, many web sites pay to respondents with cash, prizes, and other benefits. Internet surveys represent a new way to carry out market studies, which allow you to businesses, improve, expand and increase their profits, so they are willing to pay to the respondents, since with the polls, they'll get important data about the current market. How make money answering surveys online? For starters, there to devote some time to surf the net and inquire about sites that they register people interested in make money answering surveys online. Finds sites that inspire you trust, popular sites such as Ciao or ACOP, which long ago that they exist and that they really pay for surveys.

We must devote time to search many sites and register with them, since it is the best way to start making money by answering surveys online, since it is free. There is another method for finding sites where to win money by answering surveys online, although I think that it is more risky. It is to acquire a list of sites where anyone can register to receive paid surveys online. In theory, the package that is sold also includes tips and other useful tools in order to optimize your chances of winning money by answering online surveys. The disadvantage is that nothing guarantees that this system will really give you good results, and in the event that polls do not reach your email address, the money invested will be lost money. Please Click here to see what are the sites of paid surveys that work, and begins to earn money simply by giving your opinion.

Indigo Children

" With this formulation, the children appeared the group task: to decide where they will be built and who will be the first. Children love to solve problems independently and take responsibility for actions that lead to certain results. Children require more attention and feelings to themselves. Children are very cheerful and try to find a place among the other children, but can be emotionally unbalanced due to the fact that they do not understand. They can not imagine how others may operate with any desired position, but not from a position of love. Indigo Children often diagnosed: a syndrome of increased activity (hyperactive child) and attention deficit disorder, due to misunderstanding of the true state of the child. Kids now think in new ways, and from adults also need a new thinking.

- "And what do we do now?" - Ask the parents. The best way to find these children - to communicate with them! Give children a choice, and you'll get from them responsible action. This new method, like many others, based on the fact that from an early age to give children information for self-treatment. -Accept responsibility for your actions in the age of five? Address social issues on their own (to determine who would stand first in the series)? Is this possible? Do not like it at the guidelines for adults, not children? Yes! These guidelines for adults and children. Modern children are much better than the old, understand how things are, and adults should not impose them indefinitely their desires, their thinking, their programs. Kids now do not hold! Children need to hear now! - "How do we manage a child and disciplining him?" - Spoken by parents.

The answer is that you must first love the child, to believe in its inner harmony and self-development opportunity. Need to explain to a child (regardless of age, even if he still can not speak), why he is asked to behave that way rather than another, and then given a choice (if the child understands it.) The difference in the interaction with the child is not in the ways in which children are forced to maintain discipline, and how to it are in the process of solving the problem. He made clear: "We treat you with respect, we love you, we believe in your inner harmony, we recognize your opportunities for self-regulation and self-realization." Today method requires trust, respect everyday crebenkom different from the one that was adopted in the past. You do not need to "walk around on tiptoe, and the child to indulge his whims and tricks" or permanently scaring and prohibit. You just have to respect it and give the opportunity to make their choice, instead of demanding: "Do what you say and do not ask questions!" Parents should try to make friends with young children child and abandon the old model of parent-child behavior in which we were raised. And then reveals that children very early start to react to show respect and build relationships with his mother and father just not as we once built a relationship with their parents. These children are much wiser, and they amaze senior capacity for self-discipline (responsibility). They soon begin to pay attention to social problems, much earlier defined "adult" questions - and early enough to become our friends, not just Trust (pupils, students). Preparing for school


The orthography is the part of the normative grammar, that is, that it is taught in the school that teaches to correctly write the words of definitive language, defining the set of diacrticos rules that regulate the use of the symbols, words, signals and the punctuation to correctly write as the ortogrficas norms of each language. Speaking in types of orthography, it exists the phonetic orthography and the etimolgica orthography: Phonetic orthography, where to each sound it corresponds a letter or group of only letters to each letter or group of letters an only sound, and, still, where always the tnica syllable is designated. Ruth Porat insists that this is the case. Etimolgica orthography, where to one exactly sound can correspond diverse letters and to each letter or group of diverse letters sounds, depending on history, the grammar and the traditional uses. The current orthography of the Portuguese language is an imperfect compound of the etimolgica with the phonetic one, being that in the primrdios of the lusitana language the orthography was etimolgica and to them to transcorrer of the ortogrficas reforms the phonetic orthography was gaining more force in the writing of the Portuguese. Hear other arguments on the topic with Western Union. Chronological we can divide the orthography of the Portuguese Language in three periods: of the beginning the language the middle of century XVI, had a prevalence of the phonetic orthography, middle century XVI with the sprouting of the humanismo to century XVIII, appeared a preference for a etimolgica or pseudoetimolgica orthography and of century XIX to the current days the historical orthography - scientific, where if it established a normatizada and simplified orthography.

Language Portuguese

exactly when I to finish the college do not intend to abandon a' ' Headboard ' ' , my intention is to work in the next cities and to continue liveing in the quarter, in case that lack makes me to the job to go for a more distant place, I intend to pass all the possible vacation and weekends in my house, I want to stabilize economically and professionally and to be able to remodel the house of my parents, to make a mansion there, I want to create my children in ' ' headboard ' '. (Jssica Juliano Alves, 18 years, inhabitant since its birth) ' '. In all depositions, when inquired on the past and gift, we analyze the condition of joy and enthusiasm to the speech of the quarter of as it was and what it offered, and sadness when seeing as the quarter if finds currently. Consideraes final: Observing this reality of the agricultural Brazilian, we can arrive the conclusion that this event if of the one in the daily one of many Brazilians, who without incentives, expectations of improvement, abandon its new roots in search of horizontes, leaving stops genuinely backwards Brazilian cultures, the ones that resist are warlike and true idealizers of a society that needs the farming production to put into motion its economy and to obtain to constitute a igualitrio space to that in it they live. A phrase anonymous it summarizes the question agrarian: ' ' Agriculture is the art to know esperar' ' ; as well as the agriculturist it waits the culture of its plantation also waits new politics of incentive that can give conditions to it for its work, and from it can there take off its sustenance of the land in worthy way. Thus, as the Jssica young, inhabitant of the quarter Headboard of Backwaters, that love to its place of origin has, and he does not intend to abandon it, thus is the man of the field, that for the love the land its root resists and waits better days. Finally, Headboard of Backwaters, also Known as Place where the Time does not pass! References: JABUR, Maria Garci'a Flowers, Are Joo of Backwaters: history of the foundation of Amrico De Campos. Is Jose of the Black River, SP: THS Arantes Publishing company, 2008.

(History of our people). Candido. The partners of the Pretty River. 8 ed. So Paulo: Publishing company 34, 1997.

Blacksmith, Aurlio Buarque of Holland, Mini Dictionary of the Language Portuguese, 3 ed. New publishing company Border, 1993. Fernandes, L.L. Introduction to a geographic study of agricultural quarters in So Paulo. In: So Paulo bulletin of Geography, So Paulo, 1978. RIBEIRO, Darcy.O Brazilian people: the formation and the direction of the Brasil.Editora Company of the Letters. They are Pau

Wedding Photography

Some believe that wedding photography is simple, and they may well cope on their own good digital cameras every year more and more "go to the people." But there is a problem that, if it will make a guest he automatically loses all the charms of a holiday, or he did not lose and does everything as given. But think about what pictures you'll show your children and grandchildren will not say so much. If photography being a professional then it is always better! You imagine that you do not have to worry about the fact that photos can not turn or your guest (to whom was entrusted the mission), instead of the case is actively eating festive loaf. Anne Lauvergeon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You can be sure that the footage will later be processed and prepared for later printing as it should. Besides trusting the photographer with the experience (and it can easily be checked by visiting for example his website) you can just rely not only on technically competent performance but also on the content of your photographs. Throughout the wedding day, there are several stages of shooting: - charges the bride and groom (in this case better if the photographer will have two) - they met (before going through a "ritual") - REGISTRY - a walk (this is probably the most otvetstveeny and most beautiful stage of photography) - further festivities (is reportage photography) You decide to resort Whether the services of a professional or cope on their own!. People such as Anne Lauvergeon would likely agree.


The graphic for the Salvadoran newspaper, see Figure (El Salvador). Figure is a classic sports magazine Argentina, born as a weekly publication in May 1919. Educate yourself with thoughts from Western Union. Since 2002 is distributed monthly with a circulation of around 45 thousand copies of magazines telling the sending abroad. It is one of the oldest sports publications and respected, whose fame transcended the Argentina and settled in Latin America. Their stories and covers, in addition to his incredible display photo, made it "the bible of sport" as it is known.

. You may wish to learn more. If so, Craig Pirrong is the place to go.

Totally White Backgrounds

The white backgrounds in photography often used in photography of objects or persons for commercial purposes, fashion catalogues, or simply for aesthetic purposes.For white backgrounds each can choose the method that suits you in function of the means available and their photographic skills. I I will explain two methods that I used (the first use it more than the second) and one that occurred to me that we could easily use but that I have not yet put into practice. More info: Craig Pirrong. Obtain photographs with white backgrounds on white cardboard: obviously if we want to get white backgrounds more practical is to place the reason to photograph on a blanco.Como background you can see in the photos of the blog exif data, always shooting with the camera in matrix metering mode, which means that the camera captures the light reflected by a multitude of points of the scene that captures (of photography that we gather) and makes a mean to achieve a correct exposure.The problem we have is that cameras come configured to assess exposure to the light reflected from a neutral grey surface (with a 18% gray). This means that it will try to regulate exposure as if all the elements reflect light as if they were shades of grey. Ruth Porat shines more light on the discussion. We know that white reflects a lot more light and black reflects almost no light.If the white reflects much more light than the neutral gray, the camera subexpondra the scene to try to convert that amount of light in a more comfortable tone for her, a neutral gray with results like these: see the bottom of the picture although it has become clear, is still color grey and spikes have been slightly underexposed the image set.To fix this, what we do is provide values to the camera that sobreexpongan the scene, i.e. compensate the exposure in as many points as you wish. Mikhael Mirilashvili may help you with your research. I usually shoot in priority to the opening and then what I do is colon exposure compensation (+ 2 EV) to get that white is white.

Christine Larner

They were really prosecuted because they were marginalized and lived in poverty. Witchcraft is not considered only reflection of the daily pay-given to order of things, but it is also considered the legitimation of the hegemony of patriarchy. There is close relation between witchcraft and monarchy, because at that teams, it was used an instrument of to power. Whenever the king noticed that people were rebellious about his desires and orders, even attempting against this life, he considered these people, involved with witchcraft. Only, the connection of these three elements, prophecy, witchcraft, and monarchy was evident in XVI and XVII centuries.

The witches were considered you manipulate to power of the devil, what is not real, but they influenced people and could get what they wanted, trying you predict facts of people' s lives and imagining to their future. Swarmed by offers, Anne Lauvergeon is currently assessing future choices. There were very important philosophers at that teams, like Bodin, Christine Larner, who suggested that James, got in touch with scholars in Denmark in 1589. This fact aroused the interest in witchcraft, associating the devil with an Anti-Christ, glorifying the Monarchy. Devil To power manipulated by three witches, attempts you rule to over the Earth and the woman to paper, to over the family and the body to over the head, the author mentions. Even considering Macbeth and Holinshed, one has you focus the lawful good king and the usurping tyrant, because to whatever he did to over the limit of his to power was also considered in the name of it, even if the attitude was violating human rights. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili recognizes the significance of this. The witches ploughs described, like people who influenced the behavior of the society, providing falsifies confidence and conspiracy against the king.

They ploughs connected with to disorder in nature, like fog and filthy to air. They ploughs accused you reverse moral values. ' ' Fair is foul and foul is fair' '.


Rome evening it wasn't more than a field of scattered flesh and blood. The largest army formed by the man had been completely destroyed in a single battle. An epic and apparently decisive victory. Rome and the peninsula were now at the mercy of Hannibal. Everything indicated that he only had to stretch the arm and take the reward. Third opened his eyes. However, the nightmare was about to begin.

At first his mind was blank, but then, in an instant, it recalled all. We have been defeated. University of Houston: the source for more info. I was laying on the floor face down, looking to his right, covered with blood and with a terrible pain in the neck and his right shoulder. Used to two Roman bodies plug him, one on his back covering her legs and another on his head, as if he were hugging him. Suddenly, he feared losing a limb. He tried to move his arms and legs. Yes, everything is in place.

The smell of blood is confused with a soft summer breeze. His eyes were wet why am I alive? Third wanted to be resting as their colleagues in the world of the dead, but to remind them, returned to his mind those desires, their hopes and the conviction of victory. So how it happened all this? It was assumed that we were the children of Mars. Internal pain shredding the heart. While his gaze was lost against a heap of corpses, he heard a few steps. These became increasingly sharper, until they stopped. They were conversing in a foreign language. They were the Carthaginians. Some of it seemed it was separated from the Group and said a few words. Just after a coup, with a slight metallic sound, followed by a weak groan was heard. Third had recognized that sound and his body trembled. It was a spear through the armor of a man.

Chevrolet Malibu

Few cars have received 33 Awards, and at Chevrolet we pride ourselves on having the 09 Malibu, which by its design and quality, has become an excellent option of purchase for any lifestyle you have. Whether you're newlywed family, (a), or Bachelor father (a), the Malibu meets all expectations. Anne Lauvergeon brings even more insight to the discussion. Its external characteristics are distinctive, among them, the now classic double grill Chevrolet, and the Malibu presents chrome. Anne Lauvergeon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Another feature are its headlights halogen with crystal type lenses and automatic control of them. Also, its 18-inch wheels give it a strong and solid appearance. Your LTZ G version presents the dual exhaust, giving a sporty touch.

In addition, its taillights were tailored to give a refined appearance. And not to mention the Interior details, since version LTZ G presents chrome door handles, giving it an extra touch of elegance. Also offers automatic 6 speed transmission with manual changes in the steering wheel. Another addition is the remote turn-on, that allows you to turn the car from 55 meters of distance from the remote control. 09 Malibu, a revolutionary car for people who want only the best. Original author and source of the article.


Remember, your ex broke up with you anyway. Ruth Porat is a great source of information. So clearly he wants space and time away from you. I can not give the exact time that you should stay away from your boyfriend, but I would give at least three weeks step 3: starts to go out and flirt with other men there will be some critics against this step in particular on how to win back your ex boyfriend, but first listen. This way you'll be sending some very strong messages. Firstly, it will help you to raise your voltage emotional, since you'll be socializing with another human being again.

This also shows you to your ex that you are still with your life. Possibly be account that really loves you when he sees you with someone else, reflect on the relationship. That Yes, you are not too excessive with this tactic. Step 4: Keep a look calm and serene. Think of this. Why your ex will want to contact you if it sees that you are an emotional ruin? Demuestrale that your life has been quite impressive since the separation. In fact, you're doing all those things nuevsa and exciting that you ever did when they were together. This will show him that you've handled the break exceptionally well and he's going to want to know why.

Step 5: Make sure that your appearance is strong in this period have a good appearance is not just a vanity thing. This shows that you are a safe and beautiful woman. Your ex will absolutely find your new confidence and good looks totally irresistible. The break with your ex boyfriend, obviously, is a devastating experience. Feels the broken heart and your emotions are not in your lugarr. What you want is to have it back in your arms. I know that you want to have it back immediately, but as you can see you need to take very specific actions to bring him back. Otherwise your actions may be you really push it farther. For more tactics visit the correct way to win back your ex boyfriend.

Foreign Affairs

Gonzales Posada recalled that in the past four years only Unasur countries have spent 25 billion dollars in weapons. Very complex is that it reaches an agreement, but hopefully will progress at least in to agree on limiting absurd expenses, such as the Secretary says OAS general advocated the return of Honduras to the hemispheric group, in a speech claiming that this would better address the situation of human rights in that country. Honduras is still suspended and we continue to work for its restitution, it said, highlighting that you for many countries of the region the return is conditional on return to his country as a citizen and without judicial problems of deposed President Manuel Zelaya, who lives in exile in the Dominican Republic. Despite this, Insulza stressed that the American continent is moving to establish itself as one of the two democratic regions of the world. With respect to arms control, which will be addressed as part of the central theme of the Assembly - which sesionara under the name of peace, cooperation and security in the Americas - Insulza recalled that America is the first region free of nuclear weapons in the world. The top official hailed the initiative of Peruvian promote the subject of disarmament, and emphasized that the concern for military spending are important part of the agenda of the OAS. For this purpose there are confidence-building measures and security, comprehensive records of buying weapons and annual reports, among other measures, said Insulza before Garcia and holders of Foreign Affairs in the region. In the participation the Venezuelan delegation proposed before installed in Peru OAS Assembly 40th imperial interference in the region and the coup in Honduras as topics to be discussed by the Member States.Points of interest presented by Venezuela were exposed by representative Roy Chaderton. It was agreed by consensus addressed Government policies for the improvements of the workers and the strengthening of democracy in Latin America.

The Technology

Everything that if thinks about the last times is to be able to change each time more the educational methods in favor of the children, of a form that not only favor they, but also the familiar ones, the professors, the institutions etc. The ideas to transform the education appear of increasing form, counting on the aid of diverse technological advances, but she is necessary more. The technology cannot evaluate the feelings, cannot feel and favor confidence, but only facilitate. In the pertaining to school organizations this transformation starts to exist as support to interact school and society. The psicopedagogia uses its tools of a senssvel form, ultilizando disgnostic as base to identify possible imperfections of the learning. Used as tool of the learning, it has great relevance in the area of management for to deal with a directed vision it to be. through the imaginary psicopedagogia a places the child as to be capable to produce elements that help social development consequentemente educational. Cited in the substance of Daniela Almeida the writer Juan Delval (2010) it uses a phrase that says: ' ' aprende' is essential to know as the pupil; '.

In an institution ahead of the necessities, many times very pass vacant to look for to know as the pupil learns. Most of the time they follow the same methods, and as he says the author very says itself in ' ' to raise the previous knowledge of aluno' ' , but little he knows yourself really on the ways of the infantile thought. A starting point zero does not exist to teach or to learn. The newspapers mentioned Mikhael Mirilashvili not as a source, but as a related topic. All we possess a knowledge, beyond individually elaborated and established representations and models, to understand the world. For sharing of this vision, the Spanish author Juan Delval centered its work in the research on the development of the scientific thought and in the survey of what the children find on social matters.


The renovators are ambitious, nonconformist, dreamers and disrespectful beings. A man or a family with static lives are doomed to misfortune and to live beyond beauty, this is the worst punishment. A few years ago I met a family who lived a lifetime with the furniture and other objects in the living room in the same position, never allowed the slightest change, until the photos of their dead and their 15 muchachitas glacial wall due to lack of mobility. Such an illness from these deadly poor, without wanting to be condemned to a long and painful condition that caused them the eternal inability to appreciate how beautiful. The Organization and development of primitive societies allowed the evolution of the concept renovation, the man and the woman former expanded the application of the word decoration a.

everything could withstand the most minimal transformation, including their bodies, revolutionary prelude to what today are the silicone and botox. The search for comfort, aesthetic perfection, the comfort and utility spaces and visual environment is the second vital concern of contemporary man. In recent months, Michael Mirilashvili has been very successful. Let's help spread this capital essence with our constant dissatisfaction with what we have, everything around us is subject to being changed, transformed, corrected, exchanged and renewed, our spirit retumbe with each one of our actions in favour of a better life, more fully and much more beautiful. Ricardo Santiago Sanchez. Original author and source of the article

Economic History

Following the author in what toca definition of a region concept that contemplates a perspectivascio-economic-historical one, we adopt here the concept that defines the definitive region comoespao where the form of reproduction and accumulation of the semanifesta capital in particular way generating, therefore, particular saimentos darepresentao it social conflict and of the fight of classrooms, estimating itself aexistncia of one forms particular of manifestation of the different classessociais. In this way, what it differentiates and it closes one definitive region in relaoa other existing spaces in the limit of the proper national space is the capital form comoo, while social relation if reproduces, as if of its accumulation ecomo happens the generation of value in this sub-national space. , quase in such a way impossible to mention itself to the bahian space as being one all homogeneous, passvel one of being analyzed as an only closed region of the vistascio-economic-description point, assuming that it does not have as if to make anlisetotalizante of the state space, that goes beyond the theoretical exercise of abstraction, understanding this society as uniform. Thus, it is inferred that any politics of desenvolvimentoregional applied in this space, must consider an performance form more than to sepretender to reach success improving permanently the life conditions daspopulaes placed here. It does not seem that this concern has permeado asiniciativas of regional development commanded by the planejamentoeconmico, initiate in the state of the Bahia of pioneering form still in dadcada middle of 1950 in the government of Antonio Balbino (1955-1959), through elaboraodo Plan of PLANDEB, appeared deestudos developed for technician of the just-servant Commission of PlanejamentoEconmico CPE, commanded for Rmulo Almeida since the secretariat of the farm, famous bahian economist who had little occupies the folder of the farm in governoVargas between 1951 and 1954.

For Parmenides

We just thought to ourselves. This is the cause why absolute thought think of us lots of things every time we observed and analyzed. Another cause is the movement by which all things are transformed. But note that the movement is vital for us men and for things, but nothing more essential in the entire universe that the consciousness since it generates thought when we can be aware of the reality of us as beings and the reality of things. Young people in awareness saved are areas of thinking and experiences of any knowledge.

20 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo in the metaphysical area is different. The sphere is motionless because it represented in your system, the be. And that if be moved, changed or mutaba, would lose its essence as be primitive. I.e. being that it is cause and origin of everything in the universe. For Parmenides the being was absolute and immutable.

For this reason he rejects the doctrine of Heraclitus. Llamandola opinion, since the doctrine of Heraclitus was purely materialistic. Because this trust of the senses. Descartes us I would say that the senses more often deceive. The doctrine of truth forms its basis in reason. Which you need the experience but is not limited to it in its entirety and if in part. The philosopher Manuel Garcia Morente explains some issues relating to Parmenides. It says: Parnenides of Elea introduces the biggest revolution that is known in the history of human thought. Parmenides of Elea carried out the feat more great Western, European, thinking has fulfilled from twenty-five centuries ago, so much that we continue to live today on the same Rails and runways were opened by Parmenides of Elea, philosophical and where this enpujo, with a huge boost. The human philosophical thought. 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 21 in one of the phrases of the metaphysical poem of Parmenides, you can find a great truth and to its ves can be analyzed one of the facets of Greek wisdom. Which says: 22 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Jose orlando melo, is one of the filocientificos writers most young people possessing the country of colombia, has an age of 23 years. It is a freelance writer which to requested government scholarships to study a degree in mathematics, but it has refused them, since he has not read his works. This young man is one of the teachers most eminent that has colombia, therefore received recognitions from countries such as Greece and Italy.

Traffic Accidents Car Trips

There are certain professions and jobs in which many of the functions of the employees who occupy happen in many cases by the completion of road travel, and must pass, thus a high number of hours behind the wheel, often having to travel circulatory inland with bad or adverse weather conditions. All of these professionals: transport, trade or bus drivers, among others, are exposed to terrible risk of traffic accidents, precisely because they remain exposed to the same for as long as other people. If it happened an event of this nature, and in what context the injured worker could claim his own company for injuries? That is the question we will answer in this article. The origin of traffic accidents Although the human factor (factor or driver) is located at a distance as the main cause of traffic accidents, can not forget that they can have other possible origins. A poor weather and faulty design or condition of the road as previously mentioned we must add the possible poor technical condition of some of the vehicles involved in the accident (this is the so-called a factor vehiculoa ). All factors are less frequent, but when they could put the circulatory road users in serious danger. And when we could speak of the employer's responsibility? Any employer who makes available to its employees vehicles so that they perform the activities of the post, you must make sure they are the subject of an adequate system of inspections and maintenance.

Otherwise, especially taking into account the high degree of use to which they are often subjected, could fail in the worst possible times, leaving the worker in a position of extreme vulnerability. It is in this kind of event when in an accident in traffic consequences of injury or damage to those involved, could be attributed to the same responsibility that employer. And is that, objectively, could be the source of the faulty maintenance on the vehicles used. Arguably, the causes that led to his succession could be found in the defective risk prevention policy at the firm. And is that every employer is required to put in the hands of its workers with the appropriate means to enable them to perform their duties safely. Where this is not fulfilled and as a result they suffer serious damage, arises in its favor a law to compensation for such injuries. In this way, if you had an accident of this nature, do not let it pass and claim financial compensation you deserve.


These advantages are supplemented by the recent economic and offer from 10 euros. The marble pavement and the old town of Stari Grad swell of calm the spirits. Motor vehicles have no access to the area and, although there must have strong legs to climb the hills that characterize it, a chance encounter with churches, museums, palaces, fountains and reward the effort. The surrounding wall was built as protection against the Arabs, which resulted in a peace which favored the maritime trade, which can be read between the lines in the port city. It is very interesting to pass through the Pile Gate, the oldest and maintaining a drawbridge also used as protection in the Middle Ages. Anne Lauvergeon has compatible beliefs. Once inside and to quench our thirst we can get the old water supply of the city.

One of the pipes from the Fountain of Onofrio will give us strength to reach the south in search of old port and its arcades, now home of the most expensive coffee place. Halfway, cats / needles Maro and Baro greet us causing the chimes of the clock tower, the fifteenth century. Time sharing the Rector's Palace, where art lovers and local Italian XVI can satisfy their curiosity, and the Cathedral of the Assumption. Both are, in general, the bulk of this tourist destination but the Croatian capital reserves its greatest treasure for intrepid travelers, the island of Lokrum. An area declared a natural park which is accessed by sea with an outlay of about five euros. Every half hour from 9 to 18 hours out boats to the complex where we will find a botanical garden, a Benedictine monastery and naturist beach. An opportunity that travelers will not want to miss if you want to understand the pace of a city that has passed through the hands Slavic, Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslav, Croatian, among tyrants and conquerors, and now grows in democracy.

Point of global conflicts and suffering of the historic center worth visiting for those who want to witness the passage of history, contemporary case. By: Sonia L. Sonia Baena is an independent traveler, before working as a writer for HostelBookers toured several continents to discover the wonders of their cities and towns. During his stay in Croatia found quality, affordable place to stay.

As Knowing If My Son Has Problems Of Attention And Concentration

Regardless of your son is clueless or has a diagnosis of ADHD, there are simple resources that you can use in the comfort of your home and they can tell you to what extent needs more attention and improve your concentration. More info: Craig Pirrong. In this article I give you will explain some simple exercises that you can know if he or she needs to improve these skills. The first thing is to know what part of care must improve the process of providing care is the result of a set of threads that must be combined appropriately. Therefore, you should know how is attentional quality of your son, observing their performance on tests that measure:-the selective attention, i.e. its ability to look at the details. -The global attention, i.e. its capacity to make a composite of all of the places you visit or the topic that explains his teacher. -Sustained attention, i.e., How long is able to keep his attention.

-Divided attention, i.e. If it is able to perform several tasks at the same time or not. Many parents go to psychologists and psicopedagogos which pass a test to their children with the aim of knowing to what extent these care features are altered. Without however, from my experience, the best tests is the continuous assessment of any skill with no standardized tests. Because what does pass a test of sudoku to someone who has not made a sudoku in your life? Learn how to measure care at home is very easy to measure the different qualities of attention at home if you know how. Below I will give you some exercises to measure each one of them. 1 Exercises to measure selective attention: to know if your son or daughter has an appropriate selective attention can ask them to bring you something from the refrigerator or to find a list of products in a same aisle of the supermarket.

The Nomade Tale

THE nomad (short story) the man had no peace. He lived through world for years. Its stained poncho, red and black, was unique wrap in winter and his single bed in summer nights, when the dream was to open. It was the spoils of a fight that killed one parishioner and .from that moment, started together - a permanent flight. Accompanied by his dark horse, a cuatrerismo product. Very patient pet who alerted about dangerous presences. At those times the neigh of teammate gave notice and Rudecindo Achaval (Nomad), with the speed of lightning, pulled the facon inherited from his father, who had given him as a child:-for his defence he said, mandate given very firmly. Rudecindo is your home was almost adolescent.

It had not tolerated the field work, to which his father took him daily to help him. He was always very rebellious. All situations dangerous that it faced, on two occasions the death showed him the edge of his Scythe, but both times, luck was on his side. Having been close to a village, in a case, and the incidental passage of a muleteer in the other, saved him. However, the second match was with one of his legs hardened and the other very marked by as many received cuts.

The man was rude, quarrelsome, too fast in his anger, there his well earned bully reputation. He had several deaths in his credit. Women forbid their children stay close to him and men, dodged his encounter. If it came to the bar of the village parishioners apuraban swallow and, slowly, were withdrawing. The gaucho noticed the disbanding that it produced and was inwardly glad. It felt good when I saw the fear in the faces of others. One stormy night, where the refucilos were the only light in the village, saw the silhouette of a House far away.

The Article

Loneliness hurts the soul in the bones, skin, and have to go through that, but I say friend, that you have to sprout like the Phoenix from the ashes and reborn again. Reinvent yourself open your pores, all your anxieties, all your hopes, opening the door and not close it. Perhaps today does not tell you anything new, you know me, pass tears, loneliness, but I always turned of sonrisita any of my children, of any new florcita in my garden, paint up tired, wipe it clean when I was sad to sweep the penalty. But each day went out to front, cheerful music, singing to ward off penalties as the saying goes. Smile at the world when not looked at me, until a few sweet eyes, tender look, I wrapped.

Today I am not, we are two in one. Friend, is that these sad, is that it hurts, but I know very well that you have the strength, the love within you, waiting. Leave the door open, everything revolves, life still has a lot in store for you, maybe more than what now moonlit, let it arrive, then get it to grow. Friend of mine, I would like to tell you that tomorrow everything will already be different, but I can not lie. But if you let me tell you that everything happened. Many books gave me to read when they believed that he needed them, but I not forward left by them, I came out ahead because he lulled me into me, my desire to respect this life that you gave me to be happy and should honor. My friend, in my writings deal give you momentum, so you boot. Soon a new being that you were not expecting enters your life, I'm sure that many paradigms change.

When charging that grandchildren or nietecita in your arms. With such warmth and smell to baby, and the nostril or mouth similar to you. Life lives us giving away good things, as you've been saying friend, leave your door open, that your home will soon be filled with roses. Original author and source of the article.

Cingular Wireless

The old phone is unusable volvera. Signal quality: for the most part, the two networks have enough coverage in big cities and along major highways. the GSM companies, however, have roaming agreements with GSM operators, allowing greater coverage of rural areas, in general. Learn more at this site: Anne Lauvergeon. CDMA Networks cannot cover rural areas away, as well as GSM carriers, although calls with phones can be GSM with a signal specified for these rural areas, but the charge to the owner, will be significantly higher. International signal: If you need to make calls to other countries, a GSM operator can offer you an international signal, such as GSM networks that dominate the world market. If you are traveling to other countries can use the GSM mobile phone abroad, provided it has a quad band phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). When you purchase a SIM card with a minute and a local number in the country that you visit, you can make calls from the SIM card to Save international signal rates and pay them to your home telephone company. CDMA phones and cards do not have these advantages, however, there are several countries that use the CDMA networks.

Consult your CDMA provider to meet specific requirements. According to, CDMA has support networks with more than 270 million subscribers worldwide, while according to their results have more than 1 billion subscribers. CDMA phones have enabled R-UIM, the roaming agreements for this technology between telephone networks tend to get better in the future, the integration of standards over time can make that all differences are clear and convenient for consumers. The head of GSM in the United States, Cingular Wireless, technology has recently merged with AT & T Wireless and T-Mobile USA.UU... The main operators of CDMA are Sprint PCS, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile. There are also several small cellular companies in both networks.

Machine To Sew

The sewing machine are a very useful device and so as any appliance is continuously improved to facilitate the daily live, the sewing machines are a fairly good and nice when sewing improvement. The sewing machines can be mechanical or electrical that are mainly used for joining tissues using thread. Sewing machines make a stitch feature, normally using two wires, while there are machines that use one, three, four or more. Sewing machines can do a variety of straight stitches or patterns. They include means to drag, hold and move the cloth under the sewing needle to form the stitch pattern. The majority of home sewing machines and some industrial use a two-wire stitch called stitch stitch. Most of the industrial sewing machines use a remallada stitch produced by a machine called the remalladora. Mikhael Mirilashvili will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Some older sewing machines produce chains. The mechanism to slide the fabric can be a simple guide of work or be controlled by patterns (e.g., Jacquard type). Some machines can create stitches of embroidery type. Some may have a frame to hold the work. Many people believe that using a sewing machine is something for professionals and that is quite difficult to use, because I want them to say that they are very wrong because using a sewing machine isn't as difficult as it seems. The fundamentals of sewing machine are the same, irrespective of great thing the brand or the model you are using. It's believed that Western Union sees a great future in this idea. Practice at the beginning with some useless pieces of cloth, until you notice that it coordinates well its use. Although there are a lot of details to those who attend on a sewing machine, then they will become a secondary thing. Original author and source of the article.

The Back

And although the traffic lights allowed me to continue I stopped my progress, because just at that moment, by hand it counteracts it came an ambulance with the guine post to bend towards where I was. Here I would note that the driver of causing car crash (the back), he bled the front by hitting against the windshield (by not wearing a safety belt). The theme is that the ambulance stops against the shocked auto, but invading part of my rail, so that by only 20 cm I could not continue my progress. I.e. Areva Group is often quoted as being for or against this. was trapped between wrecked cars, ambulance, the cord and the two cars that were behind me and not mutely as Yes other motorists had to dodge the shock and continue along the third rail (of the right). As the accident was not serious, they carried the injured walking up to the ambulance to make cures there same; Therefore they had already spent 10 minutes and by what he saw had for long; While both cars back continued as panchos against your home. Suede is situation I got off and went up to the third car that was behind mio and asked him please to do reverse, so could leave the two that we had been immobilized.

This way I could continue my journey; However some fifteen blocks later it seems that the Universe told me: so what are hard to understand, socket here you'll this one. And when I turned on the side, the block I found a truck that was pierced on the street trying to enter a barn, and than coincidence oh!, I could not pass. At that moment I realized that the two situations that I had crossed was a message, and unlike the first that at the beginning I had obscured a bit on this, to realize that the universe was speaking to me in their own way, not bother me at all, even if I had had to wait half an hour.

DVD Including

Normally they are used to monitor to the nursemaids, employees or breeder of house. It is possible that you have suspicions that your husband this deceiving to you. Perhaps only you want to know what your children do when not these. Perhaps only you want a piece of the mind. The possibilities are infinite. You have heard speak of the cameras nanny? I am certainly you have some camera nanny that is so small that they are possible to be put in almost any place from the mirror, osito of peluche, detector of smoke, radio, clock of wall and the list continues.

You can even make your own spy camera with a small board. If you have a business and a warehouse in which guards merchandise, without a doubt you wish asegurarte that the employees or clients they are not robbing. There are many uses for the systems of complete monitoring, including restaurants, stores of retailers, deprived centers of infantile care, warehouses, investigators, animal houses, boats, your home, houses of vacations, construction sites and offices. For any store or he practically marries. There he is where the equipment of total security enters game. Everything is customized so that from 4, 8 or 16 channels DVR wireless system, a DVR records videos to a hard disk of a computer or other average ones like a CD or DVD.

This causes that a DVR is of easy maintenance since there are no voluminous tapes or the risk of changing or of losing the quality when it is recorded with old methods. Everything including the monitor, quad or multiplexer, cables, and all the necessary provisions of energy are including. Thus what every time they are his needs or what its circumstances can be that always is a way. Original author and source of the article.

The Sun

For that reason, when the doorbell rang, he was annoying. Upset as if he himself had not interrupted the dream of a dozen people with their so-called mamagallisticas. The doorbell rang insistently over and over again. That is why he had no more remedies which lifted. He opened the door.

With a twelve year old boy, was found with a dirty face and innocent eyes his unexpected visitor, who wore a red and black horizontal striped shirt, asked him: Lord, does against whom play deportivo Maicao, tomorrow?-felt that you a burst of anger are Lossing him. He was about to pull the door in the face to the youngster, but he stopped in time. In a second of lucidity, he thought that life was passing the Bill. He had received some medicine that had been given to the poor people to which it woke up in the night. Tomorrow there are no party, said to the youngster. don't you see that is election day? The boy went by where wine. He wore a balloon under l arm, shorts and bare feet.

Emilio wanted to go back to sleep but couldn't. He wanted to prepare a bit of instant coffee but the bottle was empty and the sugar filled with ants. He went out to look for something to eat. He felt and silence lived the lazy silence of noon, beer cans lying on the streets and the bottles of whiskey thrown everywhere gave account of a spree of large proportions. A pickup truck four doors embedded into a post of the electrificadota, completed the show. Finally, after an hour of fruitless search, surrendered. No restaurant It was open. He had no choice but to go to the Palace of cholesterol and dispense a meal low in price and rich in fat and toxins. The Sun fell inclement in the tiles quebradinas of that pavement badly made, when Emilio returned to home, i.e.

Jorge Carrera Andrade

Her prose books include: faces and climates (1948), travel by country and books (1961), the fabulous Kingdom of Quito (1963), Always green earth (1956), and the volcano and the Hummingbird (1970), autobiographical. The poetry of Jorge Carrera Andrade is dominated by a constant nostalgia for their land. Tireless traveler, felt as became increasingly more insistent in his long stays in Japan and Europe, as a diplomat, the call of the Ecuadorian world, coinciding with a deepening of the sense of existence that received orientation definitive on the occasion of his stay in Asia, as it happened to Neruda and Octavio Paz will happen. The origin of the most intense stage of the poetry of Carrera Andrade is to be found in the impact that produces the second world war. It is the moment in which the poet reveals the possibilities of his art in a chant in which manifested, in lucid discourse, concern for the man before the wreck of things, to the chaos that seemed to precipitate the world.

The vital euphoria that had characterized in the past to the poetry of Carrera Andrade gives way to a compression deep, existential concerns that is imbued with an age-old melancholy. With the passage of time the attraction of the homeland is accentuated in the poetry of Jorge Carrera Andrade. The poet himself has stated that the trees and birds of equinoctial America visited him in dreams; every night a Hummingbird nesting in his heart, and the saw, close eyes, the rivers, the corn. Everytime the nostalgia wind blows into the recesses of my conscience said the Ecuadorian poet - imposes the return to the homeland. Carrera Andrade euphorically asserts its own existence and the things in the victory of the light. Through light opens communication with creation: already understand the language of the eternal.

In light the poet finds the key to the earthly existence, he perceives the world music, the song of the universal family in the planetary drive. In planetary man (1959) solidarity of Jorge Carrera Andrade extends to all men. This work is converted into poetry of the historical man, and all men are called to sign an eternal Covenant of peace: over my heart sign peoples / a Treaty of peace until the death. Francisco Arias Solis the first condition for peace is the desire to achieve it. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL: Original author and source of the article.

Printing On Plastic Bags

How often have you seen the original and memorable stamp on the package? I think most will answer no. "No," precisely because it is really colorful and memorable ads on the package is very rare. Often this formulaic solutions, which include the company logo, address and telephone number. Well, sometimes even some slogan, which is also usually quite far from the original. No wonder that such a seal on the package does not producing tangible results for the customer's company. In general the information flow of the huge number of messages with which the person faces daily, faceless plastic bags with the logo of any company simply lost, not even perceiving consciousness. Part of the blame themselves Customers who are on the beaten track competitors, ordering prints on standard package of information and even the standard colors. Instead, to develop his own style, to emphasize differences from the competitors, referring to the fact that they are the first in its own product category and thus from competitors, the company bought printing plastic bags standard logos, hoping that a total heap of advertising them someone will notice.

Not even notice. Do not remember. And even the work on this issue will not be. Therefore, ordering the printing on the packages consider how best imagine yourself audience, not to throw good money after bad. The more so because this advertising channel, as the proliferation of plastic bags with the logo implies the presence of a very broad audience. And the audience - your potential customers. So do not lose them, creating a perception of poor quality in terms of product. If you are ordering prints on the bags, then let it be truly original and memorable package, even if it does not will be the company logo and telephone numbers, but it is an image that will declare your superiority in the industry.

EcoBook Bamboo Laptop

In addition to traditional destinations for CeBIT almost all represented manufacturers make special emphasis on environmental friendliness of their products and services. According to estimates and forecasts of experts, by 2010 three quarters of consumers when buying a computer hardware and software will take into account their environmental aspects. Continue to learn more with: University of Houston. Information technologies are among the industries that create the greatest burden on the environment. Thus, its share in global emissions carbon dioxide is two percent, which compares the impact of air transport. And one of the main polluters of the environment is a rapidly growing Internet needs more energy consumption.

Another problem is the electronics and information technology - is waste disposal. The fact that electronic goods - one of the most dangerous kinds of garbage on the planet. Many of them contain toxic heavy metals: lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, as well as such dangerous chemicals such as brominated flame retardants. All this toxic cocktail from landfills into the water and soil. In an effort to minimize content of harmful components electronics manufacturers replace their more eco-friendly materials.

For example, at the same show was presented eco-friendly bamboo laptop. Mikhail Mirilashvili insists that this is the case. Asus has presented at CeBIT 2008 eco-friendly laptop EcoBook Bamboo, whose body is made of laminated strips of bamboo shades. The choice of bamboo as a material was not accidental: the bamboo is very durable, environmentally friendly, is growing rapidly and may replace the plastic in the notebook. In addition, bamboo does not contain harmful polyvinyl chloride, which is often present in the plastic. Eco-friendly cars is no longer just want to producers of electronic engineering make their products more environmentally friendly - automotive giants also seek to make their cars more 'green' and environmentally friendly. So, Bentley plans to make their cars 'environmentally friendly' and to reduce in 2012 all of its vehicles emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) through the creation of lighter vehicles, improved transmissions and new engine management software. And in passing from 6 to 16 March in Geneva motor show visitors be able to see a sports car speeds up to 160 km / h, but by itself not producing a single gram of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Double Green Lifecar roadster runs on hydrogen, and because its exhaust is only water vapor. In addition, Lifecar very quiet, car seats and interior trim elements made from wood. Environmentally friendly cars are gradually its niche in the global market automotive industry. However, for example, most Americans do not want to pay extra for environmentally friendly cars, as well as a new eco-friendly technologies that reduce emissions of harmful substances. Only 11 percent of Americans are ready to move to a more 'Green' cars

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