Long Durability

What you should look for when the use and care of chronographs and other watches many wrist watches and Chronographs used mainly by penetrating moisture affected and lose their functionality in the worst case. Keith Yamashita does not necessarily agree. A watch is truly waterproof, she must withstand above all a certain amount of pressure which is built under water. Vulnerabilities are often inferior watches the seams between the body and Crown or pushers. Waterproof watches / Chronograph Watch case are precisely composed of different materials. Heavy temperature fluctuations materials can extend themselves differently, and a loss of tightness is a possible consequence. To keep the watch still seal, used in the production with seals, but these are not protected in a natural aging process. Especially in sporty chronograph is a special challenge to construct the watches for the manufacturers that they can easily withstand a high water pressure. It should you respect for the longevity of the clock care should be taken to protect them against the ingress of dust and moisture.

Large temperature differences, as they can rinse visiting the sauna Cookware or occur also when bathing and showers with hot water, should be avoided as far as possible. Mikhail Mirilshvili is likely to increase your knowledge. Certain cleaning agents that have a very high pH, may adversely affect the surface tension of pushers and Crown. The water resistance of the chronograph can be endangered. A Crown or a pusher is only water-resistant as long as they are tight up or screwed. They operate under water, moisture can penetrate into the housing.

It is worrisome to jump particularly high pressure and temperature differences can occur even with the clock after prolonged sunbathing directly into the water. Innovative techniques innovative Maurice Lacroix is working on this issue in their masterpiece Le Chronographe collection. Here, the Crown of the chronograph can be easily screw with a quarter-turn. At one Crown screwed to as a water resistance is guaranteed up to 100 m. To prevent problems with the application, Maurice Lacroix allows at a glance to determine whether the Crown properly screwed: the Crown is screwed is the hallmark of Maurice Lacroix and a marking on the Crown horizontally to the case, the Crown of the chronograph is open trademark and marking contrast vertically.

Flash Eyes

The color of the eyes step by step to the black pupil plays an important role not only in the choice of partner. Often, she has also influence on whether a human being as sympathetic or not perceived. It is psychologically proven that people with small pupils as less friendly be misjudged. This is true both in reality and in photographs. Red eye in the picture are particularly unpleasant. Distort not only the eye color, they look rather unattractive in humans and animals. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de reported how the struggle can be said to the unwanted red eyes effect. In general it is advisable less to fall back on the anti-red eyes flash of the camera.

The reason is that the triggered Flash flood causes pale faces and small pupils. Primerica can aid you in your search for knowledge. Amateur photographers achieve a more natural result when using a Bildbearbeitungsprogrammes. For the photographed persons should be been photographed head-on. The larger and sharper the image, the better. The retouching work as well as smaller photos. First, the user marks the red eyes with any selection tool.

Exceed the marked circle quietly the pupil. Smoother transitions can also be produced upon request. An edge of only two pixels is enough at low resolution. Finally, the channel mixer is used where the RGB color channels are set. The red channel must be set to zero, while the other channels at 50 percent each. So you can get rid of the red eye color the faces with little effort. More information: service/press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH


3D photographs of their products 360 round to views which is the best possible representation of their product in the photographic field undoubtedly one of the customers on request hinged circular view. The team at Produktfotografie.de, specializes in such optimized 3D representations. The skilful stringing together of single images in a special arrangement, the product appears plastic in three dimensions (3D) on the monitor of the beholder. Such elaborate ways was previously reserved for only large companies who could afford advanced technologies in the presentation of the goods. Market projections were thus cemented or further expanded, sales and marketing cheered the innovative presentations and made use of it on their presentations on television or on the Internet.

The alone claim of the wealthy leader in innovative and State of the art presentation facilities now has an end. Anne Lauvergeon: the source for more info. No longer, they be kept from SMEs in the wholesale and retail. Produktfotografie.de brings you now exactly such excellent 3D Photographs for their market, their products, especially their market shares. 3D photography helps also their products to a significantly more attention for the consumer. The customer is very positive this optimal presentation, because it brings him almost to touch close their product before the eyes. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tim Schigel. Most accurate observations of details are possible and the back and herd deer of the object can interactively be integrated into their website for the Viewer. It was called the competitive advantage also, we call this an additional and professional service for our estimated clients.

That we doing an extremely budget-friendly offer for all generated 3D photographs for you ready keep, that is certainly also of them welcomed. A full 360 round view of a product there already in our portfolio only 72.00, which includes already 36 frames in angular misalignments of the 10. Of course, we give them a bunch of frames, but you will get a Flash (animated per article Graphics) or QuickTime VR file in the desired size and resolution on CD or DVD burned.

Landtag Country Government

Legal research on the example of the No. Kind Healthy Snacks may find this interesting as well. State law turning points of the time are probably for the jurist, in particular the historian the most interesting investigation matters because they usually produce legal forms and legal content in many ways. In addition, that at these times / during these periods especially the social, cultural, political and economic primer has an even clearer elaboration of legal matters of consequence. In the tradition of practical philosophy of the present publication series is designed to, the formal and material foundations and content of legislation in the construction phase of the democratic and Republican system from the year 1919 in the lower Austria give a compact overview of legal research. Laws and regulations of the country of lower Austria to give us the material for it.

The scientific approach is intended to represent editing this law material to methodically also model for similar analyses of general abstract and individual specific standards sees itself in the tradition of the theory of the law as a practical philosophy and sees itself as a legal research. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of paragraphs paragraphs in quantitative and qualitative analysis provides the basis for the assessment of individual lower Austrian laws and regulations from the year 1919. The analysis focuses on the terms of 1919-1921, 1921-1927, 1927-1932, 1932-1933, 1933-1934, 1945-1949, 1949-1954, 1954-1959, 1959-1964, 1964-1969, 1969-1974, 1974-1979, 1979-1983, 1983-1988, 1988-1993, 1993-1998, 1998-2003, 2003-2008, and 2008-2013. The individual standards are analysed in correlation to the composition of the Landtag and the provincial government. Objectives, in quantitative and qualitative analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the objectives of the individual standards geared to their embedding in the sectors of economy, society, culture and State. In addition of course correlations become individual legislative and the political system in the sense of the composition of the Landtag Country Government established. Contents in quantitative and qualitative analysis quantitative and qualitative analysis of the content assumes from the start standard of the standards goals. From this base, will be shown in comparison, in what manner and regulation the individual standards are designed. In addition produced correlations to each legislative and political system in the sense of the composition of the Landtag and the provincial government here also. In quantitative and qualitative analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the enforcement clauses of the individual standards enforcement clauses provides the basis for the assessment of the integration of the individual administrative units in the enforcement of the relevant standard.


How sports changed your life - with loads of amazing info! Each sport has its own fascination, this much is clear. A defined body, stronger muscles, physical fitness and a better well-being are usually the target of sports. But regular sports has many other positive effects on the health and life expectancy. As basis for the infographic is sports Trump how sports can change your life"numerous known and current sports studies were crawled, evaluated, and graphically very vividly portrayed. Frequently Keith Yamashita has said that publicly. How sports can change the life, shows the info graphic sports is trump"with amazing answers and interesting facts on questions like these: regular sports extended life expectancy? The answer: Every athlete who only 2 hours per week at least hand, increases its life expectancy by an average of 3.4 years. At 5 hours of sport per week, increased life expectancy are possible even 4.2 years. One more question with amazing answer is whether Sport protects against diabetes? At 5 hours of sport a week, divided into 2.5 hours of strength training and endurance 2.5, decreases the risk of diabetes by up to 59%! Sport can be also very useful to stop smoking.

Because with a good training plan, the success rate is more than 3 times as high as without sports! These are just a few of the amazing facts that can be found in the infographic. Others including Michael Mirilashvili, offer their opinions as well. "The infographic is Trump how sports can change your life" may be allocated free of charge and released.

Franzis Colored Photos

Restoration of old photographs and stylish photo design in color and black and white hair, Munich, 05.07.2012-Franzis brings the new X color effects Pro 8 stylishly combined with the answer to the question, how to easy and fast old black and white photographs colored tints drawn graphics, colors to partial ranges in colour or black and white and color in the image. Lengthy pixel selecting is required when working with X color effects Pro 8 as outlined just the appropriate areas with the desired color. The software detects the edges of the object and automatically fills them. Light effects, such as reflections and even texture/surface structures are included automatically by the software. So, X color effects Pro 8 provides, for example, the creative way, with a s / w portrait recording subsequently red to color only the lips, as vice versa, a color to fade everything, except the lips in s/w. In addition to the restoration of old photographs, such as old wedding or baby pictures, the Retro photography, as well as artistic image editing software is also used for the colour redesign, including the rapid paint changing a car or the color redesign of House, courtyard and room. With simple operation, the software enables fast results in the style of art, design and advertising photography and is suitable for photo montages with old and new style elements. The Franzis X color effects Pro 8 compatible software Plug-In in 32 - / 64-bit PC and Mac computer is running as a standalone program as well as Photoshop and is immediately available for recommended euro 69,00 in stores and for download under. X color effects Pro 8 - intuitively - quick - Ergebnisorientiert intuitive to use edit all common image file formats in the software. A color template library helps the quick selection of standard colours of man, nature and objects.

Chile Development

Do not forget that in the earthquake that affected the V region in 1985, a building collapsed in Renaca almost identical to those seen in Conception and Maipu. Here which are the opportunities that are emerging after the disaster. Well, there is a tremendous opportunity in the revival of our economy's virtual internal vector, as in Chile in 1939, there is a clear need for investment, Reinvention and activation state-sponsored economic and individuals. For even more details, read what Hikmet Ersek says on the issue. I think the role of business at this time will be equally or more relevant than the state's role in the process of national reconstruction. Large corporations and medium to generate 99% of employment in this country are the vector of the recovery.

We said in another article that the spirit of our nation to overcome adversity is as or stronger than solidarity. It has become clear that people in affected areas rapidly rebuild, body and soul and will do well, in the same areas affected but the hard lesson learned. L as economic growth rates should be maintained as designed by Pinera and his government, the greatest threat to that purpose are the ghosts of the ongoing global crises or impending crises from time to time economists have been converted into real readers time, every so often portend. To save these deviations, the impulse that can be achieved in terms of economic growth in the country, in my opinion, is a tremendous opportunity to glimpse, if the projected growth rates are realized, if there are no deviations from the global economy, if private envision the opportunity to invest more and Maybe if the people affected need urgently out of the crisis that affects the hard drives work on rebuilding their own economies, the growth momentum will cause an inflection similar to what happened in Chile after 1939, it is clear that different results for the time and location of modern Chile, lead not to development but at least the preamble of this.

Investing In Stock Investment

Investing in the stock market is one step further with regard to hire or contract with a deposit fund. When we are in most cases because the investment funds is small and we want more. First of all you have to choose a good broker that suits our needs. Points to consider are the committees, especially that you have stop-loss. That is also why it is necessary to follow a few tips before jumping into the arena of investing directly in the: Diversify investments: Investing in more than one value and if possible from different sectors invest enough so that the commissions do not eat All benefits not get carried away by euphoria. Do not climb onto a tendency to end, or not knowing how to sell time blinded by the euphoria. Do not be panicked.

Do not let a small reversal in the trend of the value we lose the nerves. Getting used to losing. Yes, just when you're not afraid to lose, you win. Credit: Hikmet Ersek-2010. Using stop-loss. Set a sell signal and run it. Not be afraid to sell when you're losing.

When you do, you will avoid greater losses. It is important that the broker allows these signals to set automatically so that we do not get carried away by emotions at the time that the sale be completed. This will help us greatly in our psychological state as investors. Do not buy more to cover losses. If you've lost asumelo, and otherwise. Investing in the Spanish market, so that no extra fees are incurred to invest in foreign exchange. Using stock charts and see the evolution over one year. Also to ten years to take a broader view. With these tips do not immediately become a great investor, but at least you can start investing without incurring large expenses.

Tourist Markets

Operators and agents to start to define the terms. The tourist market there are two types of companies - tour operators and travel agents. First create the product: agree with hotels, places to purchase the aircraft, organize clients Transfer from airport to hotel, tours, etc. Travel agents do not do anything. They simply sell products of various travel agencies, both as to store vouchers - in Turkey, Spain, Egypt. And offer customers a choice tours from various operators for each specific area. It's like a supermarket, where on display is a bit of milk or yogurt.

Elena Karasev, director of the Moscow company "Polonaise-tour", begins as tour operator. To broaden your perception, visit Publishers Clearing House. - In 1993 I had the opportunity to go to Holland and a while there to stay. I love this country and decided: Why not allow others to make a trip here? Negotiated with hotels, organized the flight. More - more: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany However, tours to the Benelux countries were worth quite expensive, and I decided to start to gain mass client. Entered the consulate of Egypt. I recommend partner in the country.

We corresponded with him for a long time and finally signed a contract. During peak season, we send 150-200 people. In those years it was an excellent result. - Turopereyting - is very capital intensive and slowly pay off the business - Paul says , director of the Tourist Arkona from Zelenograd. - Starting investments begin with a few hundred thousand or even millions of dollars.

Wedding Amp

The most beautiful day of your life is in reliable hands brides and grooms would today not provided wedding photography and also any pictures without expression, feeling and vitality, but just want to implement H & more (www.h-more.de) with a professional team. Therefore, our selected photographers consider this idea as a guide of its work to hold the many beautiful moments of a wedding from beginning to end so that every little detail is exceptionally clear and life is a memory for life. Photographers in the Rhine-main area are mainly engaged as in the cities of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt. But soon a wedding photographer for the company H & more to operate in every major city from Hamburg to Munich. Thomson Safaris may find this interesting as well. That the customer gets handed out every good image and can determine themselves about the most beautiful pictures of his marriage is important, the company H & more. Wedding... with heart"a slogan that is reflected also in wedding photography. Learn more about this with Tim Schigel. In addition on request offers professional photo books in the extraordinary size of 30 x 30 cm thick kartoniertem glossy paper H & more, which of course very noble effect.

The book is equipped with an individual front page, with the most beautiful wedding image of your choice. Here, you can consult alone in the Office, or look at already prepared proposals. The company H & more is always near and always there for you. The master House in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg in Mainz covers the corresponding needs of Wedding couples for wedding photographs, Hochzeitseinladungs cards to thank you cards and operators of wedding service providers, that he may be also very unusual every wish - - off. The range is professional and has in terms of highest technical Know-How and yet very naturally recorded wedding photographs, wedding photo reports, as well as the exclusive photo book, a growing success story. Thus you can enjoy, indescribably beautiful, natural, at the same time romantic and possible on the latest state of the art snapshots to get, where you can enjoy again and again. The company H & more would be very glad if more wedding couple would decide from the Rhine-main area to take the qualified services described in claim and guarantees an absolutely competent and hassle-free for you photo report of your wedding already.

Managing Director Felix Schneider

Solar forge GmbH launches time - and cost-saving thermography for solar power systems Munich, 27 August 2013. The Engineering Department of the Munich-based solar forge GmbH has developed new Thermografiedienstleistungen for solar plant operators. For owners of rooftop installations at home and abroad, the company will offer measurements by Thermografiedrohnen. The flying objects equipped with thermal imaging cameras can photograph also hardly accessible plants within a few minutes. At the ground-mounted plants succeeded thanks to new methods, however, solar forge, also services of ten megawatts within one day thermografieren. Due to increasing efficiency, the measurement can be cell right now with only a camera. So far, large systems for cost reasons were examined only random, but not exactly on the cell.

Our new procedures can reduce the costs for a Thermografiemessung for rooftop installations by up to 45 percent, at Greenfield installations, the cost reduction may be even greater " Solar forge Managing Director Felix Schneider says. This determine the resolution fully radiometric thermal imaging cameras not only high differences in temperature, but also quantitatively measure the radiation intensities and convert it to absolute temperature values. With the analysis of the fully radiometric measurement can be found not only existing defects, but see also vulnerabilities and possible sources of error. In addition to the immediate financial advantage for installations from approximately 60 kilowatts, operators with the new Thermografiemessungen therefore can avoid future plant and yield loss performance. Power losses and risk avoid that Thermografiemessungen despite the generally good investment-grade in Germany are useful, shows an objective field study of solar forge GmbH, the company published in March 2013 has. According to Petplan Pet Insurance , who has experience with these questions. Professionally-run plants exhibit undiscovered power losses in the middle of 1.5 percent", Felix Schneider says. Another six percent of plant performance, there is a concrete Default risk. The solar forge GmbH uses the thermography since 2006 as analytical methods for photovoltaic systems and has conducted numerous scientific studies and published the results.

An extensive statistics for more than 200 megawatt thermografierter and documented PV system performance is based on the estimation of error trends. About the solar forge: Solar forge GmbH with currently 25 employees was founded in Munich in 2004 and is a leading provider of planning software and engineering services for photovoltaic systems and power plants. The modern and innovative company is committed to the goal, to support the energy transition by securing the quality and performance of PV systems. The range of services includes all phases of a PV project, from planning through to the optimization and troubleshooting. Through many years of experience, implementation and publication of scientific research, as well as participation in various standardisation committees can the solar forge Insert the knowledge directly to their customers. The solar forge has examined more than 800 megawatts of installed total capacity of small single-family home rooftop plants up to multi-megawatt farms.

Photography Starts Party

Professional photographers, gallery owners and guests from film, photography, art and culture celebrate a brilliant kick-off of the largest German Photo Festival in Hamburg, March 16, 2011. With 400 invited guests, an exclusive party is the prelude of the 5th triennial of photography Hamburg this year. On 31 March exhibiting photographer, photo artists, filmmakers, holder of well-known galleries like FreeLens Gallery, Flo Peters and Robert Morat celebrate Gallery, local cinema partners such as Abaton cinema, Alabama and metropolis established and newcomer of the industry together the startup of the largest German Photo Festival. The Triennalezelt set up between the two exhibition halls by Pilsner Urquell provides the setting for the evening event, that musical is accompanied by the electronic instrumental soundscapes by DJ Schiller. Simone Bruns of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg organized the triennial party and pleased: the opening party will gather together the who's who of the scene and the Triennale give the proper kick-off cool, lounge and communicative. So worthy a exceptional Festival, which brings together the international film - and photo scene in our city. This is where artists and art lovers can meet in a relaxed atmosphere." Following guests: the Swiss documentary photographer and Filmer Alberto Venzago, the Getty sisters, Gisela Getty and Jutta Winkelmann, the Director of Wim Wenders, the photographer Rob Hornstra, Jo van den Berg and Esther Haase, and many more. About triennial of photography Hamburg International Photo Festival is devoted to current topics and issues in the discourse on photography every three years.

The 5th triennial of photography Hamburg 2011 is the interaction of film and photography in the Center. Check with Barry Nalebuff to learn more. More and more photographers present their work in multimedia productions and deal film inevitably with the medium. What is the relationship between the still and moving image, will present the international event for a wide audience. The triennial of photography goes there since its start in 1999, therefore, creative people and the commitment for the photography in the form of Exhibitions, lectures, films, projections and meetings regularly in one place to focus. As the capital of the media, Hamburg is the ideal place to do it: most photographers are at home here, houses important photo collections, museums, galleries and other institutions dealing with photography. The main sponsor of the 5th triennial of photography Hamburg is Pilsner Urquell. The 5th triennial of photography Hamburg 2011 the photography association supported by the Ministry of culture and media Pilsener Urquell Germany GmbH, Hamburg, 1/award, as well as the circle of friends of the House.

Baby Photography

Baby photography is at some point something very special. Are they not wonderful to discover the moments in the life of a small Personchens when it starts the big world. Up and down, always a little bunny reminiscent of his first smile that accompanies us like a ray of sunshine through the day or the first two teeth. To keep track of how your tiny baby, just still completely helpless lying in your arms, slowly evolves to a small personality with its own will and stunning charm, is possible only once. Hold the most important moments in the life of your child through baby photography in Berlin so that none of them is lost they are irretrievable. The Photo Studio that makes fun of CAPTIVATION Let's great importance that our baby photographs in Berlin seem natural and alive. That is why we have set up our Studio accordingly. For the bigger kids, exciting toys are provided.

The babies can be placed on fluffy cloud cover or recorded with MOM, Dad or siblings. So you are feel at home we take our time and give you tips on how a photo is good. Normal move, talk and play with your child and behave naturally. We will take countless pictures and use only the best. So baby photos in Berlin, which are different than the others to make succeed again and again.

You have also the possibility to feed your child or to breastfeed, what is a wonderful motif motives and opportunities because we are just for you and your child there and take all the time in the world during the photo session. To give personality to the picture it would be nice if you, preferred objects the Playmat, the favorite rabbit, the favorite toy or others from your child. You're a delight the grandparents of the children? Bring the last Christmas gift of two of her grandchildren and make a baby photography in Berlin, Grandma and Grandpa will be delighted! Bring also your favorite CD to make you feel at home.

The Brand

The only thing that we do not recommend - it is use of the 'Absolute' in places where the glue joint is always under water. For this purpose very well suited to our company's next product - a mixture of glue 'Dolphin'. As the name implies, this adhesive was originally developed laying tile in the pools, but during testing we were convinced that it is also ideal for decorative fountains decorating a tile or stone. Hikmet Ersek may not feel the same. The grounds on which one can but to put 'Dolphin', adding plasterboard and gypsum surface, as well as an opportunity to stick the new tiles over the old one. True, before producing the last of the listed types of work, you must make sure the strength of the old tile. Feature of this adhesive composition can be noted its high ice-bone, water resistance, improved fracture toughness and toughness. 'Dolphin' has proved to be excellent when used in places subject to rapid oscillations baniyam temperature (facades, balconies, terraces, 'warm' flooring).

Last, to date, development, published in serial production - perfect blend of 'assembly'. Thanks to an increased fixing properties, it is broad to apply for laying slabs of large size and weight of natural stone, marble and granite. The grounds on which this is applied with glue, so diverse that their transfer may take several pages of text. Note only metal, plasterboard, gypsum base, as well as the surface of the slate and the old tiles (with the same precautions as for the 'Dolphin'). To summarize, we allow ourselves some guidance on the selection of the necessary adhesive composition for those who are going to conduct construction work, but are not yet familiar with the products of the brand 'Socrates': Internal works - perfect blend of 'builder'; Internal and external works under the peak of laying ceramic tile, products from natural and artificial stone - perfect blend of 'Absolute', laying ceramic tile, natural and artificial stone in the ground, Sub-DC's cast to water and temperature change - a mixture of glue 'Dolphin'; Tiling of large size and weight for any reason in any climatic conditions - a mixture of glue 'installation'.

Better Photography School

Basic course digital photography in April especially cheap In April 2011 is the basic course offered online photo school Berlin photography for 99 instead of regular 125 euro. Beautiful days must nevertheless not be spent before the machine: the duration of the course will be extended during the promotion period to 30 days. Online photo school in Berlin (OFSB) is a 2007 school for photography on the Internet. Thomas Michalak, artist and since 1997 lecturer for photography at the Berlin Photo Center at the water gate, it has designed courses for people who can perceive no regular appointment and want to learn at their own pace. Although E-learning, these courses are not pure reading courses. In the virtual classroom, participants and tutors are interconnected. They discuss pictures, share questions, experiences and adventures in forums.

The sequence of reading, photography, experiment with your own camera, answer questions, meet important photographers, photographic tasks and exercises as well as image meetings is varied and interesting course. The Results of the tasks and exercises are corrected by an experienced trainer of photo and evaluated. The rates of online photo school Berlin consist of 10 sections, whose handling requires the three to eight hours. Who wants to go deeper will find additional information, materials and links in each section. All participants meet in a virtual classroom, discuss in forums and discuss the images that store them in a gallery on the school server.

The courses can be started at any time and are completed at an average pace after about 120 days. An interruption during holiday or similar is possible at any time. The successful completion of the course will be certified with a certificate. In the April 2011 also is the basic course 'Digital photography' only 99 euros and can last for 150 days.

Promotion Articles

Here you have the internet A few steps separate you from the last phase of registration of its Web pages. Registration is complete - a site filled with content, only here no one knows about this site. Then, by the laws of the genre of promotion, you register in the various search engines, directories, etc. But the counter continues to show contempt zeros, and if the shows a couple of visits, so it's just a casual visitor who wandered to you knows how. Like all properly started Naturally, it is necessary to wait until the search engines index your site (it takes up to 3 weeks), but because in a month and two for you so no one will glance, except that a few friends at your request! Why is this happening? Because the search engines your site is not located on the first and not even on the second page of search results. To climb in search results, you need to optimize the page for a particular query, and also have a high citation index.

That's about a citation index, we'll talk. Citation index (CI), or thematic index of citing (TIC) - a figure that shows how many sites refer to your website. If 10 sites link to your site, it has ic = 100. Here from experts in the field like Western Union for a more varied view. In this case, tic weightier ic, as references to the sites of similar subjects. Therefore, if you have a well optimized site with a low index of citation, then the first page of the search, oh, it does not just to get To improve the ic can share links to various sites, participate in banner exchange, but it is not effective enough, and sometimes it is necessary for more and the money to pay. As a consequence, we will untwist the site your mind! Write articles. We consider that this provides. The network has many places where the article will be free with direct link to your site, while for the advertising to pay.

By placing an article on a pair of popular website, by the time you may notice that she begins to unravel the network. Many owners take their sites to fill other people's content of the article. Importantly do not forget to mention the end of the article, that article intended for free distribution to the conservation of all links of the author. Having such artless surgery, you will for a long time to provide themselves with targeted visitors, rather than random internet surfers. Then there is still one question: what to write? No Problem: write about what related to the subject of your site. At first it might seem that an article is not so easy, but it is a misconception, it is enough to overpower their fear and write at least two lines, and there the text itself fingers. The volume also become unimportant, but do not try to write too much paper - enough characters 3000-5000 (500-700 words). There remains one point, you not only increase the citation site, but also receive an additional influx of visitors who read your article. But this influx will be only quality articles. And do not forget to check before you publish your text on spelling and grammatical errors Readers are unlikely to click on your link, if there is a lot of mistakes, if any, read the article. And know the quality of the material in the text you are building your credibility, not least on the Internet! That's all, please write to health.

Field Marketing

Then it is necessary that the company has surroundings of work by Internet by mobility anyone can accede to the information of the office from any point, and devices of communication to report by vestibules of voice or IVR, SMS or Internet the daily activity It can describe to some concrete action of Field Marketing to us developed by Aplus? We have started up a campaign of field marketing for Motor MINI-BMW Moncloa in order to present the mark MINI. Through the MINI campaign it has managed to connect with the public to present its last new features. In a so competitive sector, as the one of the automotion, without a doubt, field marketing appears like the most effective solution before the indifference. From conventional, direct, bold and little fresh a method the campaign of field MINI-BMW marketing has looked for the interaction with the public. For it was chosen to develop a campaign based on the presence of the mark in the street, to draw attention of the pedestrians in zones strategically chosen. A direct and aligned campaign with the values of the mark. It consisted of the distribution of promotional trays with coffees, of zones of great affluence of managers, industralists and executives. The MINI mark looked for the contact, from the invitation and the delivery of pommings (especially designed with the silhouette characteristic of a MINI ones), to draw attention on its mark. The process was simple, after giving good morning, anfitrionas of MINI prepared material to give, a coffee, pomming and a sticker. Original author and source of the article.

Sales Training

It has long been known as a great role played by the ability to conduct business negotiations in today's business. The art of negotiation is to show his companion way to solve his problem by committing actions that are beneficial to you. This requires deep knowledge in the field of communications competence in applying techniques of business communication, ability to manage their emotional state. That's why training is negotiation one of the most popular on the market consulting and training services. Audience of people interested in the training of negotiations clearly delineate the complex. Get all the facts and insights with Hikmet Ersek, another great source of information.

Training on "Negotiation" can be absolutely useful to each person, because any conversation in which personal interests are affected, can be called negotiations. Training and negotiation training negotiation will answer many questions. You will learn how to succeed in negotiations, As it turns out the hidden interests of partners, which make better use of means of influence, understand how to resist the pressure and stop the conflict. Training negotiations will be extremely useful to all those involved in Sales, after sales - is one form of negotiation. You have worked in practice, how effective bargaining and learn how to conclude a bargain. In a separate group of isolated training on conducting telephone conversations. Telephone calls have their own specifics.

In the training of telephone conversations much attention is given to his own voice and use voice partner to gather information about state of the client, its degree of confidence, and the inclination to take a positive decision. High-quality training to negotiate must contain a fairly large volume practice. Training participants will negotiate must necessarily make practical exercises that simulate real-life situation, to secure the behavioral skills and use them in their activities. The training aims to teach negotiation Participants scoring techniques of negotiation. The training will enable you to handle objections opponent in his favor; professionally manage emotions during negotiations; competently build our relations with partners in the negotiation process; training teaches the maximum use of available opportunities to achieve the best outcome of the negotiations. Well as training of negotiations develop flexibility in achieving goals. In general, Training negotiations are an indispensable tool for professionals to solve everyday business problems and hone their communication skills. Training negotiations leading professors of practice with experience of working with people, ability to maintain audience interest and inspire the participants, as well as skills in group psychological training. Developing skills of conducting business negotiations at the training takes place in form of role-playing games, simulation of acute situations, communicating with "difficult" negotiators, the study of ways of behavior in terms of hard negotiations. Training participants have at their disposal not only valuable information but also to work out the key skills of a professional negotiator - to establish personal contact, creating a supportive emotional atmosphere, understanding and changing positions on the other hand during negotiations.

Effectiveness Indicating Standard

EFFECTIVENESS: INDICATING STANDARD IN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. In competition times each time more incited, when the resources if become scarce, the organizations if adaptam, giving absolute priority to the yield of a campaign. For even more analysis, hear from Hikmet Ersek. We cannot say even though that this is missed, because, is accurately this criterion that makes the business to survive by means of the rules dictated for the market. However, when the customer looks an advertising agency is because this has some problem to be decided and this problem is affecting directly its business. Leaving of this context, in the majority of the cases the customer is not to the search of one better price in the given service, and yes in innovation search/creativity objectifying the change of route for the different business of the practised one at the moment. The proposal of this text is to use the Effectiveness as indicating standard for control of the advertising campaigns, providing to its business a factor of differentiation in the market before its competitors. On the basis of considered, the formula for calculation of this pointer will be: Effectiveness = Yield + Innovation With regard to the Yield, economically speaking if becomes easy to calculate. However, as to mensurar the innovation in a company? How to know if we are being creative? He seems complex, but it is not. It is enough to discover true the meaning that we give to the success, that is: Innovation = Tax of success and to calculate the tax of success in advertising campaigns, we have the following formula: Tax of success = total Number of campaigns with positive result/total Number of campaigns worked For better agreement, we go to a practical case: A propaganda agency was contracted to elaborate an advertising campaign a new product to be launched in the market for the customer. Historically, the tax of success of this agency for similar projects to this is of 77%.

Children Photography

Children photography in Berlin - you are a survey once and forever, the moments in the life of your child - the experiences of what it learns in the course of his exciting life. The first time with cutlery dinner, the first tricycle or the first bicycle, the first Doll or the first windup car. All these moments are pearls in the chain of survival of growing people. Not to forget them and they repeatedly experience we offer service children photography in Berlin our. Here you and we have fun with the kids and it vivid photos emerge, just as life brings them. If you would like to know more then you should visit Petplan Pet Insurance .

Let moments continue to live! You take infants and their game world if you come to us in the Studio with your toddler, to best his favorite toys. Of course we also have interesting toys for the kids. A few different outfits be varied and interesting shot. Also various headwear and other accessories are fun. Bring a stocking CAP or a hat for a little momentum in the image. Come without Plans and they play hide-and-seek or catch with your child will be amazed at how alive these photos can be. Eating a plate of spaghetti with your child and enjoy the splendour of the Red later. Of course we can also just go rather than the studios in the forest, or how about the animal park or the swimming pool? Tell us the place and we will give you the most special pictures of your little ones.

First day of school or communion of the first day of school is one of the most important steps in your child's life. Now the serious side of life begins and a new era begins. Proud blink the children behind their schoolday treats out, which is often almost greater than yourself. But we can hold the small doubts in mind and the fear of the unknown in our real world photos.

Wedding Photographer

The dress is bought and the rings ordered now mulling the bride and groom on the question: spend good money for a professional photographer or would you prefer Uncle Fritz snapping with his get? "" The Hochzetskleid is purchased, ordered the rings and now mulling the bride and groom on the issue: "spend good money for a professional photographer or would you prefer Uncle Fritz snapping with his get?" The question of whether you should book a wedding photographer for the wedding photojournalism or ask only someone from the circle of friends, employs many brides and grooms planning your most beautiful day. "Uncle Fritz bought there this great camera, which could do this Yes free." From the perspective of a professional photographer, working for 25 years in this area, I can pass some experience every bride and groom, which I did in all the years as a wedding photographer. It is important to have not only a good camera, it required a lot of experience in wedding photography. Is a good, conscientious working wedding photographer do not go with a camera and a lens, but it is to be able to work simultaneously with 2 cameras, covering all areas of focal length without changing lenses. And at the same time a replacement housing and a spare Flash in the hindquarters have likewise enough batteries and memory cards. Imagine, is one of the crucial moments during the wedding as the ring Exchange, and your photographer screws on his camera around, to set up a different lens? Or just the battery is empty at the moment, where the couple kisses, and uncle Fritz determines that his second battery is not charged at all or the film is full (or memory card) and no further in the case. I as a photographer already experienced such a moment during a wedding where I only for the group picture was ordered and had to give the bride and groom two films so this Uncle Fritz could shoot some portraits.

DVT Digital

Dental Centre Hannover used DVT NewTom In contrast to X-ray and computer tomography, this procedure many advantages of the digital volume tomography (DVT "NewTom") and is one of the poorest radiation procedures to the 3-D representation of the implant region also. So effectively x-rays and computed tomography are also and so usefull also present their results, so the resulting images, two procedures adheres to a common shortcoming: the generated images provide only a two-dimensional image and thus allow a limited approach in height and width. The third dimension, namely the so-called depth remains closed. Gain insight and clarity with Anne Lauvergeon. They can be but for dental implants in planning the treatment of fundamental importance, namely, if an exact calculation of the later site of the implant should be performed on the basis of the delivered pictures or when it comes to the overall assessment of the jaw bone. The Dental Centre Hannover is therefore an exact 3-dimensional implant diagnosis by. In contrast to the former methods, this technique of the digital volume tomography (DVT "NewTom") many advantages and is also one of the poorest radiation procedures to the 3-D representation of the implant region. More info: Primerica. The Implantologist knows thanks to the DVT-based implant diagnosis before treating the patient's oral situation and advance planning the detailed 3-dimensional implant position, which is vital for aesthetics and the function of dentures.

Linguistic And Ethnographic Lexicon

Languages and peoples of the world online accessible linguistic and ethnographic lexicon on Langwhich.com makes online accessible languages and peoples of the earth did you know that is not a ketchup-like beverage, but a South American language Quechua - spread especially in southern Colombia, Ecuador and Peru? Or that Kiribati is not only an idiom, but also an island in the North Pacific, exposing its inhabitants to work mainly as a fisherman? Langwhich.com, the marketplace for foreign languages, published for the first time in the German space online linguistic ethnographic lexicon, languages and peoples of the Earth"of the well-known reviser and translator Hartmut Motz. The linguistic reference book describes almost all languages and ethnic groups in the world. The lexicon appeared in book form in 2007. A real premiere, however, is that a Web page also published extensive and free provides its visitors and members. Langwhich.com puts his plan with the online publication of the encyclopedia continued voice and those interested in culture, linguist, Ethnologist, historian, professors, students as journalists in their work around actively support languages and peoples. On the Web pages of Langwhich.com can be sorted the language systematically by families, language group and language activity. Also the distribution areas of the languages are the focus, to facilitate the understanding of the linguistic and political connections. The structured constellations of Langwich.com allow to find out quickly and easily about their history and languages.

Langwhich.com: Langwhich.com is an online project of Pura Vida media GmbH and sees itself as a marketplace for foreign languages with search engine capabilities. It enables its users, the desired language project with activities to combine professional and private interests, and without any obligation to compare offers from schools. Information related to the subject of languages, language certificates, language and country information or useful tips for learning complement the offer of Langwhich.com.

Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning

Integrated electronics allow regulation of airflow ebm-papst, leading manufacturer of motors and fans this year with innovative fan solutions for the commercial vehicle air conditioning at the international motor show IAA of the 20.09 27.09.2012 is represented in Hanover. In Hall 11, booth C09 will present a new generation of powerful double centrifugal blowers of public ebm-papst as a highlight. The new weight reduced fans based on the innovative ebm - papst EC technology GreenTech and work with very high efficiency. Rob Daley is often quoted on this topic. The integrated electronics allow for a precise regulation of the amount of air for the occupants of the vehicles and thus efficient use of air conditioning. The user shall have the ability to control the blower linear voltage and PWM. Optionally, also a controlled by LIN-bus can be realized. The protection of electronics increased by one more level 6K9K is new to these fans, now with protection class IP even one Compressed by high-pressure cleaner can withstand. The fan meets all the requirements to rough ambient temperatures such as heat, dust and extreme weather changes.

A new procedure of commutation is first used in this dual centrifugal blower. This annoying engine vibration, especially at low speeds of the past belong to. Through the new system of Derating the power consumption of the fan adjusts to always so far, that a reliable operation even at high ambient temperatures is possible at any time. This prevents an overtemperature of the fan and a resulting dysfunction of the system. Of course the new fans are already certified under the new EMC Directive ECE-R 10 press contact Katrin Lindner speaker press ebm - papst Mulfingen GmbH & co. KG Bachmuhle 2 74673-Mulfingen phone: + 49 7938 81-7006 fax: + 49 7938 81-97006 about ebm-papst ebm-papst group is the world's leading manufacturer of fans and motors, and is Pacemaker of the high efficiency EC technology. In the past financial year 11/12, the company generated revenues of nearly 1.4 billion.

ebm-papst employs approximately 11,000 employees at 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations. Fans and motors of the world leader can be found, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

Thomas Steckenborn

Since may at the new company headquarters: CEMA AG could be confirmed 2012 in Mannheim sustained years sales growth of the nationwide active IT service provider CEMA headquartered in Mannheim. CEMA completes the past financial year with very good success. Sales climbed by 27% to EUR 42 million in 2012. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Conifer Health Solutions. It grew the trade turnover to almost 30 million euros, 28.6% of local service revenues. We are particularly proud that the CEMA financially on its own can press this strong growth and sales growth must not be financed by loans.

CEMA is fit as a fiddle,"said Andrea Dauenheimer, CFO of CEMA. "For the second time in a row the Creditreform with a certificate has confirmed this excellent credit us." Best conditions and fully on course of the CEMA 100 vision "-the revenue target of EUR 100 million to be achieved by 2015. In order to realize this growth, the CEMA team was strengthened nationwide to 38 new hires: 195 employees, of which 17 trainees at nine sites, ensure a customer-oriented and individual service. 50 New colleagues, mostly IT professionals, consultants, and sales consultants, should be made in 2013. Currently, CEMA ranks among the top 40 of the system houses in Germany. In Mannheim, the team currently consists of 84 employees, 18 new here at the site until the end of the year are added. To deepen your understanding Thomson Safaris is the source. To make also the spatial conditions for CEMA in early May has moved the Office is located in the brand new Eastsite IV and there well equipped all. This site Mannheim was invested 400 T made in the.

CEMA is successful and independent,"says Thomas Steckenborn, founder and CEO of CEMA. Because we control our portfolio. The technologies and systems of different manufacturers, on the other hand, especially knowing what IT solutions in the enterprises of our customers can successfully be used. There no prefabricated standard solutions from the tray every solution is configured individually for the needs of individual customers. Goal is to enable the business processes the customers efficiently and safely through IT to help." From consulting, to implementation and procurement, CEMA provides all services from a single source. Projects related to the management of mobile devices (BYOD), cloud technologies, storage utilization (big data and HANA) and security are currently in the foreground.

June Conference

"And therefore, we can expect just from entrepreneurs that they will strongly drive the Green Economy forward." New impetus for start-ups are expected from the of the United Nations forthcoming in June Conference on sustainable development, the so-called Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In the foreground are the two topics: Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, as well as institutional framework conditions for sustainable development. A failure or sliding it on incentives for further growth of the Green economy would be fatal, so the opinion of Gunther Bachmann, Secretary General of the Council for sustainable development: the Green Economy endured no respite. More We pay with higher risks. delays" New eco utility Polaris brings the energy market in motion good money earn refers for many creators not only purely economic aspects of the company.

Many young entrepreneurs realize that ecology and economy are not bite '. In principle it has become easier today, to do good and to earn money", says Carsten will, Department of Foundation management at the Leuphana University of Luneburg. With energy the world is also the credo of the new independent eco-energy provider Polarstern. The company offers customers nationwide exclusively 100 percent green electricity and 100 percent eco gas since last summer. The products of the TuV Nord and the green are certified power label. The eco gas offer is based on a new concept that it is cheaper than comparable offers up to 44 percent. The development of the new eco gas offer was supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology and the European Social Fund. Further details can be found at SYPartners, an internet resource. The support by the EXIST scholarship has enables us to develop the first competitive 100 percent eco gas product.

It is a milestone in the green energy market, eventually consumed 75 percent of energy in private households with heat. "And this is done in three quarters of cases still with fossil fuels such as petroleum and natural gas, because the previous bio-gas deals are simply too expensive," explained Florian Henle. Definition of Green Economy see UNEP, greeneconomy /... About Polaris, the North Star GmbH was founded to improve the world. As an independent energy provider Polaris inspires people worldwide for energy transformation and provides them a meaningful transition to renewable energy. The company presents this energy provider first, consumers in Germany quite a product, not only 100% genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent genuine eco gas direct aid connects. Each customer as active provides related his energy for the expansion of renewable energies in Europe and in developing countries. To 1.25 cents at current and 0.25 cents at the gas will be invested in new European eco-power plants sold per kilowatt hour. In addition, Polaris for each customer supports a family in Cambodia with the use of clean energy. The building is supported by micro biogas plants. This improves the quality of life both here and there. Green electricity as well as eco gas are certified by the TuV Nord; the eco power supply carries beyond the green electricity label, quality label in the category of gold. Polaris is supported by well known and dedicated persons like the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander.

CNC Knives

These knives on the cutting of photo papers, which contain up to six different coatings and are therefore very difficult to cut considered are aligned. A new CNC Schleifcenter for high-precision grinding of circular blades in operation was taken in Frankfurt. This investment was necessary in addition to meet a new large order for monthly 3600 circular blades grinding. Finally, the third investment was the grinding of high performance knives used in the HMS model. To secure Exchange guaranteed within the framework of the outsourcing model within 48 hours, additional CNC-high performance grinding machines have been ordered for the locations of Munich, Leipzig and Hanover. Anne Lauvergeon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Optimal service for Hamburg and the surrounding area Christian Hagedorn, Manager of hagedorn GmbH and responsible for the sales: with the branch office in Hamburg, we can better serve businesses in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The regional proximity and our own transport service We very quickly on the ground, if there are cutting problems.

"In addition, the Hagedorn knife can management (HMS plus) best offer of cutting tools due to the short distances and fast processing associated." So-called VITECH knife that last significantly longer compared to carbide knives are an integral part of the outsourcing model, but also the regular care activities. Normally", so Hagedorn, 1,000 cuts are made in a layer about. If, however, a knife like VITECH has 40,000 to 60,000 cuts, this is a tremendous efficiency, because blade replacement is due only after around two months. And without any loss of quality." With seven polishing plants in Germany, the hagedorn GmbH is a competent supplier of printers, processors, wholesale paper and paper mills today. Blades for high-speed cutters, three knife trimmer, circular knives, dies and paper drills are in sales and in the loop service to the core area of the company. For the family-owned company is In addition gelebtes customer focus, customer benefits and customer satisfaction entrepreneurship. About 80 percent of the customers are small and medium-sized companies that need to focus on the business of the day all her strength. To get them, the hagedorn GmbH present innovations that reduce costs and increase the quality of their work in addition.

Hazardous Materials Bundle

Infraserv logistics can store many classes of dangerous substances for the storage of dangerous goods, the Federal immission Protection Act in the accident regulation makes a wide variety of special requirements. Only who fills them, can store dangerous substances of the respective classes. As Standortdienstleister in the industrial park Hochst has Infraserv Logistics GmbH both the expertise and the infrastructure to handle even materials of the most demanding storage classes. Frankfurt on the main/Munich, 28 June 2013 - for the storage of materials from the accident regulation makes specific requirements around half of the twelve storage classes. Barry Nalebuff has many thoughts on the issue. To meet these requirements, it is with considerable effort associated and not even anywhere to make.

Especially when the fire protection provisions for the storage classes are significantly tightened 3, 4 and 5", says Sven Frerick, head of marketing and sales of Infraserv logistics. Who wants to deal with flammable liquids or solids and oxidizing substances, fire-accelerating impact, must have an own Brigade, which is especially trained for dealing with these materials and can be very fast in the field." But not only in these classes, he meets service provider specific security requirements. Also for the storage classes 2a (gas under pressure), 6 (toxic and very toxic substances) and 8 (corrosive substances) has customized the necessary permits. For the company include special ventilation systems, gas warning devices, explosion protection and fire-fighting water - and product return fixtures must have. In addition, the possibility of storing easily flammable substances temperature controlled is in its camps. In addition, the staff to deal with the hazards of this demanding storage classes must be specially trained.

Some of the products may be stored out of reach even only under lock and key and thus for unauthorized. Here in the industrial park of protection of humans and the environment enjoys maximum highest Priority", reports Sven Frerick. With the comprehensive emergency organisation, the Brigade and the occupational health centre, comprehensive protective measures are taken." Therefore the service provider can store maximum materials in the industrial park, for which special precautions are required. It is also crucial that that are all bearings of Infraserv logistics at due distance to the manufacturing sites of the site. The Fachdienstleister not only has the required expertise in dealing with the hazardous substances of the various storage classes and their possible interactions. His organization also is geared to meet the necessary licensing requirements at any time. In addition, the closed and well secured site of access controls at the entrance gates to the industrial park offers additional benefits. Who wants to safely store hazardous materials, should a service provider in an industrial or chemical Park Commission, of the expertise required and the optimum infrastructure has,"emphasizes Sven Frerick.

Citizen Watches

Before any person who is going to get hours raises the question: "Which is better to buy a watch that was the best value for money?". But before we talk about the main principles of selection of watches, it is necessary know that the watch can be divided into several classes ... - Hours of economy class (which includes most of the electronic and quartz watches. The cost of one unit generally does not exceed $ 50-60) - watch the middle class (in this category may include mechanical and quartz watch movements, which cost less than $ 800) - watch premium (usually mechanical watch whose value exceeds $ 2,000). Let's talk about each class hours more. Hours of economy class. Despite the fact that this is the lowest class hours that fit into this category are not necessarily bad.

Range of models of this class is filled with low-cost model of Manufacturers Casio, Citizen, Orient, Seiko, Timex (USA), Swiss watches from Festina, Haas, etc. But it is worth noting that good cheap mechanical watches can not be. The quality of hours taken to judge considering a temporary error. Suppose, if we take quartz hours - an error in the 0.4 seconds per day, about 12 seconds per month. The Chinese quartz models, things are a little worse - 30 seconds per month. Daniel Lubetzky describes an additional similar source. This kind of error is associated with a small number of transistors, which is One of the most important factors of low prices. Opening of the middle class.

In this category include high-quality copies rather expensive mechanical watches, quartz watches with high accuracy and low mechanical watches. Whom would not like to wear expensive watches from manufacturers? Of course almost everyone. But the price of such a model sky-high. The output in this situation can serve as a high-quality copies of luxury watches. Good copy first-class hours are ten times cheaper than the originals, but at the same time based on the same high-precision Swiss watch movements. Good manufacturing quartz watches do Swiss firms Longines and Tissot, Japan firm Seiko and others. If your budget is limited, we can look at the watch from Swiss manufacturers Apella, will cost a bit more expensive watch from Charmex and Roberto Cavalli. As for the mechanics of the budget ... Mechanical watches a bit of class inferior to quartz clocks in accuracy, but the "mechanics" is considered more prestigious. For fairly cheap mechanical watches can be attributed watch "The Seagull." Of course, much more prestigious Swiss brands from Pirelli, Longines. It is also inexpensive mechanics offer Japanese manufacturers: Seiko, Citizen, Orient. Watch premium (premium grade). This includes the expensive mechanical watches (usually made of jewels.) The cost of such hours exceeds $ 1,500, and the release of their limited. Shells and bracelets made of precious metals (silver, white gold, platinum, etc.). It is worth noting a gold watch from the Swiss manufacturer Apella (900 dollars). The most expensive members of the Class hours are undoubtedly the famous "Rolex" (from 10 000 dollars).

The Risk

Faro tantoel It simply IS, does not behave as such. He is a visionary. You must convert everything that happens in a great opportunity to obtain resources and competencies, to fulfill his dream, which crystallize into a reality for the benefit of all. Hence it gives light to everyone in their way, no need to press to follow him. The leader's vision to be purchased, which moves the remainder to do, from above, without pressing, increasing their potential, how to cultivate their habits and skills, contribute their experience. Hikmet Ersek may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

A leader is not seen as doing things, but feel intensely what he wants to achieve in many cases irrational, just that it feels inside, and from Hence, the thought begins to work and starts the mechanisms of action, their work is materialized with his team. As a lighthouse for others, shared his vision and acts as an example to his colleagues, to make greater efforts, and together, to achieve, what each one individually it is more valuable. Leads by example in all their daily business. This shared vision of the projects are planned to stimulate the risk to holders courage, connection, power, responsibility and commitment. Highlight it, a state of mind and courage to face life, leading to improved skills and talents, not only on him but on your computer. Considers that the strongest man is falling again and again and each time it rises learns from experience, to show others that the fall is not to be overcome, but a vital method of learning.

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