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However, in monetary terms, exports rose by 4% due to increased cost of the product in the world. Main share of export of Ukrainian honey (68%) are in the Russian Federation. Second largest exporter of the product is the Republic of Belarus, which accounts for 10% of export of Ukrainian honey. In other exporting countries, whose share in the exports of the product ranges from 3% to 6%, the USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg. Increasing export of Ukrainian honey over the last decade contributed to the recognition in 2003 European Commission, the conformity of its quality European standartam.Tablitsa 1.

Shares of the largest packers of honey Ukraine "Bartnik" "Zlatomed" "Ukrainian Honey Company" DrugiePROIZVODITELI In Ukraine there are more than 2 thousands of producers of honey. 95% of Ukrainian honey harvest provide private sector. Several hundred thousand more like bee-keeping hobby or craft, rather than a modern industry. Industrial strength beekeeper Ceska industry in Ukraine today is represented by such structures: the collective agricultural enterprises - 10% private sector - 33%; private apiary farm - 44%, forestry - 5%, others - 8%. According to the 2009 largest producer of honey was subsidiary "Agricultural" Shakhtar "(Donetsk region), whose share in total production of the product was 3.5%.

Three leaders also completed the Company "NGN" Lana "(Zaporozhye region) - 2.3% and" Agrofirma "Agrotis" (Donetsk region) - 1.8%. Percentage of 11 from two thousand of the total honey production in 2009 amounted to 0.5% to 1%. Read more here: Western Union. The share of 276 manufacturers of such products ranges from 0.1% to 0.5%.